March 5, 2009 – Early Signs of Summer

March 5, 2009 – Early Signs of Summer

There is no longer a nip in the air, even in early morning or during the night. Just very strong but cooling wind. Very pleasant

The sun comes up over the mountain at 7:15 as opposed to 8:30 at the height of winter. The change was very sudden. Almost overnight.

Birds are “up” earlier…and so am I.

I now keep two windows open at night and using only one thin blanket for sleeping. But during the day I now have to be careful to CLOSE the window facing the sunny side to keep the room cool. Up until 2 days ago, I was still opening it purposely during the day to warm up the room.

And of course, open windows means more dust in the room and more need for cleaning!

My ghee is no longer solid…even in early morning.

And with the laziness of spring/summer weather, I am eating out much more, very rarely cooking in the room anymore. I have also started eating downstairs with other people instead of being up on the roof all alone all the time. But I’ve discovered that just as the rooftop is the WARMEST place to eat in the winter, it is now the COOLEST place to eat, with a lovely breeze all the time, something which is missing downstairs, making it kind of muggy and not as comfortable to sit and eat.

Sitting out much later at night to enjoy the wonderful fresh air, and pretty much just coming in at night to do whatever I need to on the computer and then off to sleep.

Lovely time to be here! But then again, it’s always been a lovely time to be here.


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