March 7, 2009 – Busy Day, Friends, Birds and Monkeys.

March 7, 2009 – Busy Day, Friends, Birds and Monkeys.


Well, the last two days have been extremely busy with the arrival of lots of friends. Yesterday, my friend Ben who I met last year arrived. It was wonderful seeing him again and we spent some lovely time together catching up, doing Reiki and just enjoying each others company. This morning, a couple of friends from Russia were to arrive and I had arranged for a taxi to pick them up. I fell asleep late last night after a lovely day including shopping (finally found the pants I’ve been looking for for the last 2 years since I first bought them in dharamasala, and bought 6 pairs…will have enough now for a few years to come), having a lovely lunch and trying something completely new at my favorite restaurant, and even teaching some advanced Reiki techniques to a couple of friends who had already studied Reiki with me a couple of years ago.

At 2 AM my phone rang! I really was awakened from a very deep sleep…seems the Russian ladies couldn’t find the taxi at the airport…I really was not thinking but finally gave them the phone number of the guy who arranged it (which means someone else was also rudely waken up in the middle of the night). And then I tried to fall back to sleep, but always waiting to hear if they really found the taxi and were on the way. No matter what I did, reiki, taking Resuce Remedy, breathing exercises, I could not relax back into sleep until about 7 in the morning and woke up at 8 to find them here! So I really began the day very tired, but happy they arrived.

We had a lovely breakfast together with Ben joining us as well, and then did a Reiki session for Ben, had my lunch and finally took a short nap…but I am still sleepy, and have a long evening still ahead of me. Because Verma, my ayurveda Indian doctor from Israel, is also in Rishikesh today, and will be coming around for dinner with all of us. It will be lovely to see him in India, even if just for a short time.

As I was writing the above, Verma called, and came for a short visit. He came with his 2 brothers and his father! It was lovely having them up to visit…they had chai, we spoke for awhile, they saw my family picture album and
and were really thrilled to see all my children and grandchildren, and of course, the picture of my father who they all said had very loving energies and looks like a person who was always happy and made everyone else happy as well.. All from a picture! We had a short but pleasant visit, and Verma even asked which of my daughters he could “make a match” with. I explained there was only one left still available and he’d have to speak directly to her if he is interested!

And now, something I’ve been wanting to post for awhile and never found the inclination or time to do it.

First of all, there are amazing birds around here, but it is just about impossible to take pictures of them. I finally managed one of them as seen above…perhaps someone knows what it is called? There are numerous variety of birds, from very small to enormous, with different calls which I now recognize…some make a racket, others just make very interesting sounds (like the one in the picture). I enjoy seeing them each day, especially early morning and at dusk.

And then there are the eagles. There are a few which glide around here, but the most amazing is one which has a wing span of a good 3 meters across which leaves a shadow on the terrace when he glides along on the currents around the rooftop here. He is almost unreal he is so enormous.

And the crows which come to eat with me. I don’t really think they are crows, perhaps ravens, don’t know, but there are two types. The grey and black ones, which are very large, and the completely black ones which are enormous. One of these comes very often to sit on the back of the chair across from me and watch me eat, eyeing me the entire time, with no fear, even if I move. When I finally leave my plate, he either comes and swoops over to take up the leftovers, or patiently waits until I throw something to him, which he happily eats on the terrace, until others come along . At that point he picks it all up and flies off with the others in hot pursuit.

And the sparrows and other little birds who patiently wait until I throw crumbs to them. They are pleasant company, but now that more people are around, they come less frequently and I miss them.

And then there is the monkey who comes during the night to check my garbage can. Especially on days when I’ve thrown some leftovers in it. He must smell them. But he doesn’t spill over the garbage can like the dogs do and make a mess, he carefully opens the lid, and takes out what he wants, sits and eats it quietly, and then reaches in for something else. One day, I opened my door thinking a dog was there and wanted to shoo it away, but to my surprise, I saw the monkey staring at me. I went to shoo it away, but instead, he looked at me full of fury at my invading HIS territory, and ran for me with teeth bared. I barely managed to close my door without his getting inside to attack me. I’ve never opened the door to check again.!

And that’s about it for today.


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