A Test of Patience and Anger

March 10, 2009

A Test of Patience and Anger

Waking up this morning and finding myself once again without water, I sat down for my regular morning meditation. I mention the water issue, which I have not written about even though the problem has been ongoing for over 2 weeks, because this morning I received an interesting insight into the lesson I’ve been given the opportunity to learn, or the test I have been given the privilege of taking.

For over two weeks now, I have woken up every morning to find there is no water in my room. It generally ceases to flow sometime during the night. In addition, there have been many days where there is none in the afternoon, and even evening. So each morning, I have to go downstairs, find the “room boy” and tell him I have no water, which is obvious to him by the embarrassed smile on his face, and then they do whatever they do (open the spigot, change the flow from one pipe to another…I don’t really know) and 5 minutes later I have water. This happened a few times over all the months I was here, but very rarely and never enough to warrant even a comment. I just went down, said “pani nahi hei” (there is no water…it is one of the few things I will NEVER forget how to say in Hindi), smile at the guys, they smile back and me and the problem in fixed.

But it has been over two weeks now that EVERY morning I have no water, and it started getting annoying. I asked what the problem was, and got all kinds of different explanations (yesterday, I finally got the real reason, Read the rest of this entry »

March 9, 2009 – Change in Routine

March 10, 2009

March 9, 2009 – Change in Routine

Over the past couple of days, the weather has gotten to the point where it is very difficult to be out between 11 and 3 in the afternoon. Up until now, those were exactly the hours where I did my walking. After coming home completely done in twice in a row, I realized that I could not longer do this.

So now, I hang around near my room until the afternoon, doing what I would normally do in the evening. The rooftop is absolutely beautiful during the day now. In the winter, there was lots of sun as it made its orbit lower in the sky and slanted down to fill the whole terrace, even the covered part, with sunlight. Now that it crosses the sky at a different angle, it is perfect, as there is shade all day long outside my room. Not only that, being up here on the roof, where it is muggy and unpleasant even one flight down in the courtyard, up here there is a beautiful cooling breeze and it is a great pleasure sitting up here…writing, reading, listening to music, eating, talking with friends. In the early morning I can even do my pranayama and meditation outside if I choose to. So right now I am sitting up here, in my summer clothes, reading a book, eating fruit and cheese, with the most lovely cooling breeze blowing over and around me…birds above, the mountain across and the Ganga below…It is the perfect place to spend my vacation…and that is what I intend to do…enjoy each and every moment I have left here. It will be hard leaving but sooooooooo wonderful coming home to my family…and then of course coming back here!

But the change is difficult for me. Before, when the weather was cool, I would come back from my morning walk, have a nice chai and perhaps cake, and then rest for an hour or so until evening came around. Now, just when I am ready for a rest, it is time to go out . Yesterday I took a nap in the afternoon but it was very hard to wake up afterwards. So today, when I felt like sleeping, I headed out, which was fine, except for the fact that I was tired the whole time I was out and couldn’t do the things I wanted to do.

I already went out twice with Ilsa for dinner around 4-5 however, and that was really nice. It was beautiful and cool and so lovely to watch the sunset while out eating a pleasant dinner in my favorite restaurant.

I am getting down to the wire now and must get a few final things together, get my parcel off etc., but two weeks in plenty of time. I will try and take things really easy so I don’t come home tired, and hopefully everything will fall into place simply, with no hassle.

Nothing much more to write these days. I still want to get down to the Ganga to swim as I did last year, but if the heat stays this oppressive, will probably not do it, since the walk DOWN is not bad, but the walk back UP is torture. And to go in the Ganga, I most go down during the warm part of the day….not after it cools off.

Enjoying my time with Ben as well and I know the next 2 weeks will fly by and before I realize what has happened, I will be hugging my family again!


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