March 13, 2009 – Full Day – Instead of Lazy Day as Planned

March 13, 2009 – Full Day – Instead of Lazy Day as Planned

I had originally planned to just go into town for a check up at the dentist and then relax for the rest of the day, but there were other things in store for me!

I DID go out this morning with Ilsa to the dentist and all is well. The checkup cost me 100 rupees. From there we decided to go to the market to pick up a few spices we wanted to take home, and this lead us to walk around for awhile longer (the weather was cooperative at that point with a cool breeze still blowing…by 12, when we finished, we could barely make it up the hill to our rooms). So, while walking around, I saw the exact kind of flip flops I’ve been looking for and haven’t found for 5 months. I couldn’t get the color I wanted, but still bought 2 pair as they are so perfectly comfortable. Ilsa also found what she was looking for. We then went to a chemist and finished up a few last minute things, so that my list is finally done. Now I just have to wait for the meds for my daughter and I can get my parcel off. This is the only thing I still have to do before I leave and I would have liked to have had this done already. But I am doing my best to have, once again patience and keep things calm and simple.

When we came back from the market, we had a nice lunch and then I came upstairs to relax. Laid down and slept for a short while, and then went out to sit on the terrace. And things just began happening…

*My Russian friends came
back following their 5 day retreat and they glowing and exhilarated.

*The guy who spent 5 ½ weeks bicycling up in Himachal, going from here to Dharamsala and the Kangra Valley, to Shimla and then back here via Dehra Dun came back. Strange thing is that this morning I woke up thinking about him and wondering when he would be back as I was curious to hear if he had succeeded in what he wanted to do and about his adventures. And there he was!! (you may remember he was my neighbor before he went off on his adventure. And he had amazing tales to tell…I was really enjoying myself listening to him, and then….

*A young guy came up looking for the “reiki person”. He was looking for guidance about energies, kundalini, reiki, etc.. We spoke for awhile but he seems quite complicated and so I made an appointment with him for tomorrow morning.

And then I thought I would just finally get to relax as I had originally planned, with some Chopin, a snack and the mountain and Ganga to gaze at, when more people came along.

*I think I wrote that I was asked to vacate my room for 3 days by the owner whose good friends (Israelis) from Delhi were coming with their family which was visiting from Israel. I of course refused, so when they came up to the roof for the one room available, I apologized for causing trouble and they just laughed saying it was the best thing that could have happened. They live in Delhi and are here with their 5 year old daughter, and her mother, 2 sisters and nephew have come to visit them. And they are now in another room on the other side of the guesthouse, and they said this is a true blessing…they would have gone crazy spending 4 days together with them next door! They are sweet people and we spoke for awhile, until…

+Ben came up to talk, which we did for awhile, and then it was time to prepare dinner.

* I had already invited Ilsa for kicheri and so in the end, I cooked dinner for 3, with them in my room watching me so they could see how the dish is prepared. We had a lovely dinner together, laughed and ate and just had fun…but I finally just needed to be alone, and so asked them to leave and now, at 8 PM, I am finally alone. What a day!

It was lovely, but just too many people for one day. On the other hand, it is lovely to have so many friends and other nice people around. It has been a full, surprising and lovely day.


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