March 16, 2009 – And Still Stuff to Write – A Special Breakfast Treat and Two New Insights

March 16, 2009 – And Still Stuff to Write – A Special Breakfast Treat and Two New Insights

I keep thinking that by this point in my sojourn there will be nothing to bother writing about. But each day brings new surprises and discoveries, so I will briefly write about the last few days.

A few days ago, someone came to me for a Reiki treatment after we had had a long discussion about some problems he was experiencing on an energy level. I won’t go into details but his story was quite fascinating and it was a new experience for me to treat someone like this and to hear about the positive results he felt, and is still feeling, from just one Reiki session.

The rest of those couple of days was spent just lazying around in the area here, as it was too hot during the day to go out and I was too tired (or lazy) to bother going out in the evening. But I found the thought of spending another day like that not to my liking and decided that yesterday I would put my “new plan” into action. Change is never easy, but always worth the effort. (I’ve also decided that I CAN go out in the morning like I did last year, and if it is REALLY difficult getting back during the heat of the day, I can just take a taxi back home)

So, yesterday morning, after my morning stuff and a nice breakfast (I still prefer my own cooking and have refilled my gas cylinder, even if only for 2 weeks), and then had a wonderful Tarot session with someone, as well as a shorter reading with one of her friends. And then, when I normally would have gone out, I of course didn’t. I went down to the local internet shop here in the area, “did my thing” and then came up and had a light lunch of grilled cheese and sliced carrots and cucumber on the side. I read for awhile, chatted with another friend, played with the managers baby for awhile and then came up and took a nap.

When I woke up, I of course did not want to do anything…the dangers of napping in the afternoon, but
forced myself to get dressed and went out. First I went to visit a friend for awhile, and then I was hungry, so went down to my favorite restaurant…it was already around 5 and a good time for eating- and I met someone there who I’ve spoken briefly with several times, but never really in depth. She has been staying at Swiss Cottage for the past 12 years, for a few months each year, and it was quite interesting hearing her stories. In addition, I realized it was not my imagination, but that this place is very quickly going down hill for lack of caring by the owner. This is the same thing that happened to my lovely place in Mcleod which finally forced me to find a new place. Hopefully, this place will still be reasonably suitable for at least another few years. I SO love my room here! This lady also spent lots of time in McLeod over the past 8 years, and I think that is why we looked familiar to each other all along…we probably saw each other roaming around there, and we had lots to chat about regarding McLeod as well.

We had a lovely chat and dinner and finally headed back home. Arrived back here around 8 and it was just perfect being out those 4 hours. So cool and pleasant. I will do my best to make this my new schedule.

I had taken a movie from the DVD library figuring to watch it at night and finish it this morning while relaxing in my room, and got myself all set up comfortably and began watching when there was a knock on my door. The Russian ladies come to say goodbye. After that, back to the movie, and ANOTHER knock on the door…the young guy with the energy issues from a couple of days before. He needed just “to talk”, get some advice and guidance, and about an hour later I sent him on his way.

And finally got to watch the movie, which I did in its entirety, a rare thing for me, drifting off to a deep and happy sleep around midnight…waking happily this morning around 7 for over 3 hours of morning stuff before breakfast.

BREAKFAST TREAT: As I was returning yesterday evening, my friend and neighbor (the one who gave me the cooking lesson) came running out as I walked past and said “I’ve been looking for you for long time…what are you doing?” and she sounded quite agitated. I was a little concerned and immediately went into the house with her. Turns out she was preparing another kind of Parantha this evening and wanted to show me again. So I watched and we chatted and laughed, her husband later joining us (we had a good laugh regarding the story about the family living next door to me which you will hear about later in this post) and in the end, she insisted I take some paranthas home for breakfast. Well, I just finished eating two of the most delicious paranthas I’ve ever tasted, with fresh greens in it called Meti, which I will try and check on the internet…have no idea what it is called, but it may be mustard greens…I heated them up before eating and they were as good as if just prepared. What a lovely idea. I can do that at home as well. Prepare them in the evening and enjoy them in the morning!!

And my insights:
Well, the first is just coming to understanding about something which could have been very annoying at the least, but which I realize now is just another blessing in disguise. This Israeli family, who I thought were sweet, are far from sweet as I discovered 2 days ago. Actually a fairly typical type of family in Israel, having no bad intentions, but making enough noise to drive everyone in a 5 mile radius crazy and having absolutely no understanding of consideration for others or the concept of personal space. They spent the entire Shabbat up here on the roof…the woman, husband and 5 year old daughter from Delhi and her mother, 2 sisters and 2 ½ year old nephew visiting from Israel. I am particularly happy for the restaurant here, as they did not stop ordering and eating food the entire day. Quite unbelievable. The kind of people who spend a full 3 hours refilling their plates at a typical Israeli hotel buffet breakfast…they talked the entire day in extremely loud voices, took my chairs, cushions without asking (I took them back), sat on MY terrace area without thinking that they were invading my private space (same as putting a blanket down in a picnic area or on the beach right on top of someone else, even though there is plenty of space all around)…and the two kids played all day by running around the rooftop screaming, chasing each other (there is another guy from Holland who always comes up here for quiet, and they simply spent over an hour playing EXACTLY where he was sitting in the far corner, making noise, touching his stuff, staring at him etc., and no one said a thing to them. ) He finally left and we laughed about it the following day. At one point, the father, who was inside the room, began yelling and screaming as well “STOP SHOUTING! I HATE SHOUTING! STOP SCREAMING! I CAN’T STAND WHEN PEOPLE SCREAM AND YELL! IF YOU DON’T STOP I’LL LOCK YOU IN THE ROOM FOR THE REST OF THE DAY!”….etc. He did this about every 15 minutes, adding more volume to the already exaggerated levels of noise, and never once following up on his threat to put the kid in the room. I sat outside, doing my best not to allow anger to rise, and I did pretty well actually, read my book, played my music, watch my mountain, and only when the kids literally got into my face did I say something. When I wanted to nap, I put in my earplugs…

All in all, I realized afterwards, that this was just a gentle way of weaning me from the serenity and tranquility I usually have here, and slowly preparing me for my return home. They have since found a new place to sit, which is right opposite the lady I sat with at dinner yesterday, and she is in complete and utter shock and has no idea what to do. But they are leaving today, so all will be well again.

And the final insight: I generally suffer from Chamsin weather (spells of very hot very dry desert type weather in Israel, usually in the spring and fall) when the temperatures rise way into the 30’s and the humidity drops to 10-15%…very dry, and there are hot winds and lots of dust everywhere. I do not do well during these days, but have learned to cope with them in the best way I can. But I am usually very lethargic, dull headache no matter how much water I drink, no appetite, and my arthritis is at it’s worst so basically I am miserable and just want to be left alone. In addition, my nose gets so dry it bleeds, my skin cracks and my house fills up with dust, even if the windows are closed. And of course I can’t do anything with my hair which is usually wavy to curly in the humid weather and during chamsin just hangs like straw.

Many people have told my it is in my mind. When I hear on the weather report that a chamsin is expected, I begin to feel like this (although recently I don’t listen to the weather and I still always seem to know when a chamsin is coming, or in progress).

Well, the last couple of days, I was feeling such that I even said to myself “I feel as if there is a chamsin”…but didn’t think it could be as it is usually not very dry here, near the river, and just figured it was just the very warm weather effecting me (around 30-32 or so at the highest). My skin was extremely dry, dull headache, no desire to eat anything, nose very dry and uncomfortable, I’ve been wearing my hair up as I can’t do a thing with it otherwise and my arthritis was really bothering me. Yesterday, I went down to the internet and wanted to check the weather for my homecoming, but also found the report for the day in Rishikesh….temp: 33, humidity: 12%!! So, it is not in my mind….it’s been chamsin here for a few days, and still feels like it today….in addition, no matter how much I dust, my room is coated in a thin layer of dust all the time….So, my body knows…I do my best to respect what it is telling me. Hopefully the dryness will end soon and although the humidity is uncomfortable, it is much healthier for me personally.

And that’s it for today…so far!


2 Responses to March 16, 2009 – And Still Stuff to Write – A Special Breakfast Treat and Two New Insights

  1. watcat says:

    Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  2. Jane says:

    Glad you like it. You might like to see the links to my other blogs on the sidebar as well. This one will be on hold starting next week, when I leave India after 6 months. Will be back again in 6 months and will continue then. In the meantime, my Mindfulness Journal might interest you if you ever get finish reading the entries on this blog.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment

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