March 21, 2009 – One Week and I Am Home!

March 21, 2009 – One Week and I Am Home!

Interesting day today and yesterday, but honestly have no more desire to write…it’s been extremely warm and muggy meaning I have no desire to go out either, but I have had 2 Reiki sessions the last two days, giving me just those extra few rupees I need until I go home without changing more money. Been settling my accounts, ordering transportation to Delhi, and packing up house. And this time it really is like moving house, since I am not just packing a suitcase. I have one bag with clothing which a friend is keeping, another with kitchen stuff and other things which I am leaving here at the guesthouse, and all of this has to be planned and taken care of…and lists made so I know what I’ve left here and don’t have to bring with me next time I come. Basically boring stuff but helps pass the time.

And then today there was a blessed change in the weather. A summer storm has been building for the past 2 days – a heaviness in the moist warmth of the air, weighing me down, making me want to sleep. Everything was covered with a dusty haze until last night when it rained gently for a few minutes, and I woke up this morning to clouds, but a mountain so clean and clear that I could see individual trees, including rhododendron blooming. Lush bright green which I haven’t seen for some time…quiet beautiful.

And then it breaks, slowly at first – sunshine off to the west but storm clouds rolling in from the East, and leaving at first a light scattering of rain on the terrace, a gentle patter on the roof and windows. Sitting outside and feeling the air, still moist but slightly cooled by the rain- like placing wet towels over windows in summer with a fan blowing to cool off an unbearably hot room.

The breeze comes in stronger gusts as the power of the storm clouds increases. Soon it will be a full blown storm. A wonderful natural diversion – a show of Nature’s constant shift and change.

The impermanence of everything. Nothing in this world is constant. It is time for a Natural change in my own life as well. Just as beautiful and expected a schanges in the weather. Always right and always at the perfect time – sometimes frightening in their unbridled fury, leaving destruction in their wake – but always preparing the way for rebirth and renewal.

And the birds!! As the storm moved in, the crows and ravens for some reason all migrated to one tree just across from the terrace. But their were so many of them, the only thing I can think of is the old Hitchcock film “The Birds” to describe the phenomenon. There were hundreds of them all at once, making an enormous racket. I just realized that they don’t just caw and crow. They screech, shriek, scream, yell, shout and argue!!

Just finished another tarot reading for a friend, had my dinner, and will now settle down with a hot drink (it is actually really cool in the room for the first time in a long time, and even feel like I could use a pair of sox), some chocolate, my favorite music and a good book…until finally drifting peacefully into sleep. This is my last Saturday nite to sleep here in Rishikesh this year. Seems impossible that 6 months have gone by so quickly, but it is now time for change and renewal. I am ready and extremely pleased to be going home.

Next Morning: In the end, the storm blew over and landed someplace else! But the small amount of rain which did fall was enough to bring a beautiful, clear, clean and cool morning…sitting down at my favorite spot for breakfast, I can see clearly all the way to Rishikesh town…everything is crystal clear…lovely morning!


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