October 15, 2009 – Update

Hope you’ve already read the first post…continuing where I left off:

We got to rishikesh in record time (just 5 ½ hours including a 45 minute rest stop), it is now 8 in the evening…I am exhausted but very happy…I visited my dear friend seema for about an hour today and it seems like I left just yesterday…

I managed to eat brunch, unpack, get my kitchen unpacked and then the rest of my clothes from seema, have my room 90% set up and will finish tomorrow….need to do lots of shopping but Saturday is diwali so was advised to stay away from the market until Sunday, which I will do.  Met some nice Israelis this evening and had a light supper with them, am now in my room, in bed, with my laptop just like at home…I even have a nite lite this year which ilse left me last year so I don’t even have to get out of bed to shut the lite…will finish this up and then go to sleep

Had a nice shower…room has new curtains, new shower head, but the toilet still leaks all over the place and am waiting for the plumber to come tomorrow…but no new mattresses as promised and I will speak to nandu about this…

I was given everything I asked for with no questions asked and even took 3 pillow for myself this time…am waiting for a nicer blanket but all in all, with my rugs down, my pictures hung, my table set up ….it is already home,

Tomorrow just want to go walking and visiting, have a nice lunch in my favorite restaurant along the ganga, and on the way home do a big grocery shopping and hopefully they will deliver for me.

And that’s it…my eyes are closing as I type this so will just drift off to sleep and will hopefully sleep through the nite and wake up to a bright new day.

Ah..by the way, the clothes I left with seema had absolutely no smell or dampness in them while the couple of things I left with my kitchen stuff (a couple of towels and shawls) here at swiss cottage all smell terribly from monsoon and are even damp…I will have to wash them after hanging them overnite outside.  Good thing I took seema’s advice and left all my clothing with her…it is good as new.




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