October 21, 2009 – Out and About and New Discoveries

October 21, 2009 – Out and About and New Discoveries

More Cafe Views

More Cafe Views

Had a lovely day today, despite the results of my yoga yesterday morning. For those of you who are new to this blog, I have what I call my “morning stuff” (which includes morning prayers, reading psalms, self-Reiki, long distance Reiki to others, pranayama, meditation, mantra chanting, OM, and finally yoga asanas). However, the past couple of months at home I had not been doing my yoga asanas, and yesterday decided to finally go back to doing them. Well, I woke up this morning and my body told me in no uncertain terms why, at my age, it is not good to not do yoga for 2 months!!

But despite the stiffness and muscle aches, I knew I was going out for a walk, and by 10:30 was happily out of the room after my morning stuff (minus the asanas), breakfast etc. Down to Laxshman Jhula and across. To my distress, the place seems dirtier than I ever remember it and I found this very disturbing. The bridge was also crowded and it took awhile to get across, but it was wonderful just to be there again. While walking though the market area, a friend who owns a jewelry shop saw me and invited me in. We talked for awhile and seems his wedding is Nov. 3rd and that is the second wedding I am invited to so far this trip (not counting the one in Delhi in January). I then mentioned my feeling that it is dirtier this year, and he says that is because of the unexpected large crowds during diwali who are still here vacationing and making the town dirty , combined with the fact that the town cleaning crews are still on vacation. He says by the end of the week it should look better. I certainly hope so. Then I just continued my stroll, checked out a few of my favorite shops and said hello to some more friends. I also discovered at least 2 new places, one of which a real coffee house which I hope to check out one day. And then decided before heading on to Ram Jhula, 2 kilometers downstream, I would see if I could find a restaurant I’ve been hearing about for 4 years but never seemed to be able to find. This year they had signs with directions along the way. But once I found the path up, I realized why I’d never found it before, when there were no signs. It reminded me of going to the Pizza Place out in nowhere in Dharamkot, and hoped the food there would be worth the walk. It was a steep climb up a dirt and rock path, almost straight up for 200 meters. But once up there, even for the view and feeling of rustic, rural tranquility, it was worth the walk. And this before I even tried the food. It is quite lovely and doubt the picture will do any justice to the place. They even have WI-FI up there and next time will go up with my laptop and have a ball.

Pyramid Cafe View

Pyramid Cafe View

Pyramid Cafe

Pyramid Cafe

I sat down, expecting to have a drink


and then continue on to Ram Jhula, when a guy began talking to me, and before we realized what had happened, an hour of lovely exchange of thoughts and impressions had gone by, and I hadn’t even looked at the menu yet!.  I finally ordered something, was quite pleased with it, and we sat talked for so long that it was soon time to eat again, which we did.  All in all we sat there for 4 hours and in the end, his being new to rishikesh, we decided to continue on together to Ram Jhula. Short and long, I had a long, but lovely and unplanned day (as most are in India), and it is now 6 PM and I am back in my room, happy as ever to be back up hereon the roof with the mountains in front of me.

I hope to writing up a couple of more entries this evening and getting them all posted tomorrow.  One about the book I am reading and the second about my coming to terms with my (use-to-be) fear of being out alone at night, in the dark.

Again, as always, each and every moment of my life is truly blessed and I am grateful for all the love and joy God and the Universe continue to send my way.


October 21, 2009 – Out and About and New Discoveries


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