October 20, 2009 – The Comforts of Home and the Essence of Healing

October 20, 2009 – The Comforts of Home and the Essence of Healing

NOTE: It is now the 22nd and I am down at the internet cafe to post this and the strangest thing just happened. I mentioned in my first post that there is much more concern about terrorists this year. Well, I was just approached by the owner and asked for my passport as the commandos are doing a local search/check and will be approaching every person they see and asking for identification. If you don’t have it, you will not be sent back to your room to get it, but taken to the police station! I just happened to have my passport with me since I have to sign in at the guesthouse today so took it out with me. The world is really changing! OK…now here is the original blog post.

It is now 8 PM and I am sitting outside on my rooftop where it is still comfortable enough to enjoy the outdoors even in the evening.  I have just returned from dinner at a nearby (15 minute walk) restaurant which serves organic, home made (made to order when you order it so don’t come here when you are famished), ayurveda type cooking.  This is a place where I’ve been wanting to eat more often since I discovered it, but because of my problem with being out alone in the dark, at night, I have not been able to take advantage of it until NOW.  There will be a further post either today or tomorrow explaining why I can now go out at night,.

But for right now, just a quick summary of the past few days…have been fruitful in that I have done just about all the errands I need to in order for my room to feel like home again, including a large food shopping, going into the market to get squeegee for cleaning the floor and broom, as well as a larger set of shelves for my kitchen stuff and food.  The squeegee and broom I had left last year for safekeeping, disappeared (although all of my other stuff was fine), but having to buy new ones was even better.  I found a much better quality squeegee and when I went to look for a broom with a longer handle, (all the brooms here are bunches of horsehair held together with a wooden handle and you must bend over to sweep with them) which I was lucky enough to find last year and which only involved slightly bending over, I was surprised to find in the same shop A REAL BROOM!  The owner was so excited to show his “new, modern” merchandise to me he could not contain his happiness. 

New "Kitchen" and "real" Broom

New "Kitchen" and "real" Broom

And although it was expensive, I bought it and am SO happy to be able to finally sweep, in India, like I sweep at home.  And in the end, guesthouse is paying for them anyway, since they lost my other ones.

Next day I went down to get a couple of

books at the bookshop and began reading the first one yesterday…to my surprise, it is not just a book to read, but a complete set of messages about THE issue I will be working on here in India this trip.  I will be sending interesting quotes from the book over the next few days, but it is called “The Bridge Across Forever – a Love Story” by Richard Bach.

The only thing which hadn’t arrived by yesterday was the parcel I had sent from Israel.  So, instead of thinking the worst (which would only bring the worst results), I simply imagined the parcel IN the post office being picked up by Ashish and me happily opening it in my room, asked Ashish to go down  and check if it had arrived and then calmly went to sleep.  Around 10 this morning, Seema called to tell me that the parcel had arrived but was worried because one side was opened.  Again, instead of imagining the worst, I just told her to tell Ashish to bring it and was sure all was well.

And sure enough, it arrived, one end opened, but nothing missing, and I was happily able to give Seema the gift I had bought for her, unpack the rest of by belongings including a couple of new books, and contentedly sit back and relax.  The only thing still missing is my gas cylinder so I can begin cooking (dying for a bowl of thick vegetable soup), but am sure that by tomorrow that will also be brought to me. (it is now tomorrow and sure enough the gas cylinder is here!!).

And now for the interesting things which  have happened since I’ve been here.  This time last week I was getting ready for my last night sleeping at home in Raanana, and today I am getting ready to sleep at home in Rishikesh after a few busy days being in my purpose of service to others – quite to my surprise people have already found their way to me in the few short days I have been here, and I have even received a message in a dream for someone!!

The first person who found her way to me is a lovely India lady from Mumbai, 54 years old, who had just spent two weeks in Delhi caring for a hospitalized friend, and had decided to come with her brother to Rishikesh for the weekend to rest up before going home to Mumbai.  She was in the room next to mine and somehow we began talking.  It seems that difficult life choices and confusion about ones personal path are not limited to the West. Mother “issues”, why am I here?, how do I move forward into change?, something is missing, etc.  We spoke for a long time and I gave her my two published articles to read.  The first which involves the issue of self-love and the second about leaning how to “not worry”.  Both seem to be, in addition to what we spoke about, a turning point for her.  Something which she has been contemplating for a long time, she has decided to do.  To quit her job of 30 years, and start making the first steps toward change by coming back to rishikesh.  She will be arriving back on MONDAY!!

I hope we will be spending more time together as she reminds very much of me when I first came to India at the age of 54.  And it is so uplifting to be around people who truly take responsibility for their lives and begin to move forward into change.

Being who I am, (a Healer),and doing what I do, my essence as a human being thrives on my being in my purpose.  I am blessed each day by my prayers being answered and by having people guided to me no matter where I may be physically.  I went to visit Dr. Arora my first day here and he also said that one of his patients doing panchakarma, a young Israeli guy, needs more than he can give him and asked if I could help as well.  He said he is sure that I can give him what he needs right now, and so he introduced us, and today I had my first session with him as well.  In addition to my regular counseling and energy work, I used a new type of modality I’ve recently learned call Matrix Energetics (I’ve mad the decision to practice as much as I can here in India so that I can use it more easily when I get home), and the results were nothing but outstanding.

So I have been busy, am content, at peace and relaxed.  Now that all my “chores” are done, I plan to begin just enjoying rishikesh from tomorrow by going for my “walk around town” tomorrow for the first time and hopefully bath in the Ganga as well.

I am having trouble charging my batteries and bought new ones yesterday, and hopefully my camera will be working so I can include some pictures for you as well.

Look for the post re: my fears of the dark, hopefully coming tomorrow.

Love to all



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