October 22, 2009- Just Another Day

October 22, 2009- Just Another Day

I find it nothing short of a miracle, that at this moment, exactly one week after I arrived here in my room in Rishikesh, I am sitting here on my rooftop, completely at peace and at home and am getting ready to eat my own home cooked oatmeal.  Things just came together so effortlessly and quickly, it is truly hard to believe.  My room looks and feels as if I never left! What a wonderful and blessed life.

cooking by moonlight

cooking by moonlight

After two days without going down to internet, I was flooded with 31 mails and several more came in while sitting at the internet café.  I’ve been here for more than an hour and am still working on catching up!!

Visited with my friend Seema for awhile afterwards, and that is always a pleasure.  She is one of my true friends in this world.

Then decided to go down and taste pizza which was recommended a few days ago.  Seems one of the nearby restaurants, Tulsi, had an Italian customer who taught them how to make real Italian Pizza.  Well, I was not disappointed.  It was truly pizza the way I love it-very thin crust and lots of sauce, tomatoes, cheese and oregano.  And to follow it with a delicious masala chai – well, only in India!

I keep meeting up with local people whom I haven’t seen since last year, and that is always a pleasure as well.  And while I was talking

to a lovely British girl who I met a few evenings ago (the one who recommended the pizza), one of these local guys came along. He is the co-owner of this restaurant. Well, I had just been talking to her about new energy modalities we were learning. She is a cranio-sacral therapist as well as Reiki practitioner and has recently learned Theta healing, and I was telling her about my new Matrix Energetics…it seems they are very similar in the way they work and in the type of energy moving. So she suggested I “do” Matrix to this guy who had just walked over to say Namaste, and before he knew what hit him, he was down on the floor (even though he tried to remain standing, being embarrassed to fall down and certainly having no way of knowing this is what very often happens). It took him quite a few minutes to “come back to earth”, and he described his feelings which included floating and things moving around inside.

After my pizza and chai, I went down and visited with Laxshmi, one of the massage ladies from dr. arora’s clinic…we had a very interesting talk about the double standard for men and women!!

And finally, to the veggie shop, where I purchased the makings of vegetable soup

the makings of homemade soup

the makings of homemade soup

which are now soaking in soapy water waiting to be cooked up into a delicious soup later this evening. Listening to music, enjoying the approaching dusk on my roof, the clear fresh evening mountain air, reading my book….who could ask for more? A small crescent moon has just come up together with the glowing colors of early evening and sitting here cutting up veggies…what can I say?

My days are lovely and filled to overflowing with one beautiful thing after another…no plans, just flowing

BTW, I’ve been watching either a movie or a TV series episode each evening in my room and have really enjoyed a couple of kitschy love stories the past few days. “PS I love You “ based on a book by Celia Ahern which I read last year…and “Murphy’s Romance” from 1985 with Sally Fields and James Garner (who I have always loved since he played in Maverick way back in the 60’s).

The book I am reading plus the movies I have been drawn to watch are somehow encouraging me to continue my own process towards finding “him”. I do get discouraged now and then so I’ve lovingly been given these little reminders that anything and everything can happen, if we just let it.

Unless something else interesting happens today, like my soup is so amazingly delicious that I must write about it, that’s about it for now….Looking forward to another pleasant evening, curled up with my own homemade food and a good movie in my cozy room.

Just got visited by my first monkey since arriving….stared at me from the banister just opposite my chair but guess nothing looked interesting enough to pursue and continued on his way to the next rooftop.

Well, the soup WAS delicious. There is a root vegetable here which looks like a sweet potato from the outside but is white on the inside and has a distinct flavor unlike any vegetable I know from home. It is sweet and something else and can be overpowering if too much is used. But I know this from past experience and so use a very small amount. It gives a very distinct flavor to the vegetable soup. I ate it with some cheesy crackers I had brought with me from home, and all in all it was a pleasant end to a lovely day.

Tomorrow I have another client coming, and then later in the afternoon my first massage. The guy I’ve been using for the past 4 years, Bablu, is no longer here! He had the nerve to go and get married and move back home to his village! I was really disappointed as I’ve been dreaming of his massage for a few weeks now. So I am trying out some new place, more expensive, but if it is good, I have no problem paying the price. Will let you know how it goes.


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