October 26, 2009-Remembering the Morning Sunshine

October 26, 2009-Remembering the Morning Sunshine

Since I arrived here I have been getting up later than usual for me in India, and so by the time I finish my morning stuff, it is close to 10, which means, I realized today, that I am missing one of the most beautiful times of the day out here on my rooftop. From 8-10 is the most glorious time to take in the warmth and vitality of the morning sun which has just risen over the peak across the river. After ten it is higher in the sky and does not have the proper angle to reach my roof area, and it is also too hot to really enjoy any longer.

This morning, my friend Ben arrived from Nepal via Delhi and before heading off to find a room, came up to say “good morning”. I was awake, but inside as usual, but got up to say hi, and then quickly put myself together, made breakfast, and went outdoors to sit. It was fantastic. I had forgotten how wonderful that time of the morning is, and will somehow reschedule my day so that I get the most of it from now on.
After a healing session this morning, for the first time since arriving I found myself STARVING. It was 3 hours since I had had breakfast and also for the first time, felt like chicken, which I went down and ordered (butter chicken in gravy with a side portion of rice), ate, thoroughly enjoyed with a glass of freshly made apple juice. This is probably the most expensive meal I eat here and comes to 160 rupees!!! (about 15 shekel).

Spent some lovely time with Ben, and will have another healing session this evening, so am basically just hanging around my room today and it is nothing short of perfect!



One Response to October 26, 2009-Remembering the Morning Sunshine

  1. Sonia says:

    Hey Jane-
    sounds great
    I woke up in Pune this morning-missing you and the deck and rishikesh guess i wont be there this mon just got back to Mumbai, but will i hope catch up with you in a while -greetings to the river and the mountains and the crew-Love Sonia

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