October 26, 2009- My First Bathing in Ganga This Trip and a REAL Date

October 27, 2009

October 26, 2009- My First Bathing in Ganga This Trip and a REAL Date

white sands blue sky

Woke up this morning and knew this would be the day I finally get down to the Ganga for a dip. And despite staying up really late last night with Ben (we watched a 3 part BBC documentary called “Unforgiven” and watched all three parts in one sitting)-
I woke up bright and early and feeling good this morning. I got myself out early and went down to my favorite restaurant along the Ganga for aloo parantha and masala chai, and after sitting there for quite some time, headed down to the beach. It was just past 10:30 in the morning and it was a ovely day…each day is just a little bit cooler, with a lovely breeze making walking quite pleasant. Since I had my camera with me today, (I hardly ever take it out any more), decided to take some new shots of Rishikesh to share with you. There are some nice views of the street heading down to Laxshman Jhula,

street in laxshman jhula

street in laxshman jhula

street in laxshman jhula

and even a picture of a typical Indian family on vacation posing for a group snapshot at the bridge.

indian family on vacation posing at bridge

Today must have been a record for me as well, as I was asked to pose with people no less than 7 times!! Must have been me dressed in my Indian clothes that did it, but it is always fun to meet these families, or group of young men asking to be photographed with tourists.

I then continued down to the beach I have always loved to find that the path down has been blocked off with a warning that swimming is prohibited – danger of drowning. But it was easy enough to (there are more photos in the second half of this post)

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Just a Few More Ganga Photos

October 27, 2009

these were taken from Laxshman Jhula bridge….

ganga bathing

ganga bathing4

ganga bathing3

ganga bathing2

and this is a small temple outside an ashram just before the bridge

small temple

and this is the lovely back path I take to get back up to my guesthouse, which allows me to avoid walking on the busy man road

back path home

and finally, this house along the beach where I like to bath

house on the beach

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