October 27, 2009 – Creating Reality and Contentment

October 27, 2009 – Creating Reality and Contentment

This post involves something involving daily life in a guesthouse in India and which has shown me quite clearly a further move forward in my own way of viewing the world and allowing my own reactions to determine my final reality.

The room I stay in is lovely and comfortable and homey with good energies, but since last year there is a certain “problem” which I’ve written about before. One of the things I never forget how to say in Hindi is: “pani nahi hei” meaning: “there is no water” (or literally: water, not is). This simply being because just about every single day when I wake up in the morning, (and at times in the afternoon as well), there simply is no water. Last year, this became a daily ritual. My waking up, checking the faucet, seeing no water and going out to tell the guys “pani nahi hei”, and theym, knowing this to be true, would simple nod. There were times when the no water lasted for hours, and times when I just mentioned it, and they would remember that they had forgotten to open the line that leads to my room after filling the tank (or at least this is what I understood). At any rate, it became a real hassle for me and put a dent in my feelings of peace each and every day. I didn’t want to move someplace else, and knew something had to be done about this. I hoped that by the time I came back this year, this problem would have been corrected, but had no idea how this would happen. (By the way, when I arrived a couple of weeks ago, the “room guys” all greeted me with a happy hello and then, in chorus laughed: “pani nahi hei!”…)
While chatting with another friend who has been living in India for years, the solution to the problem came up in an extremely simple way. Just make sure that I always have buckets of water in my room. In the past, if I remembered, I would sometimes fill up a bucket the night before and it was nice having the water there in the morning, but it was not something I did automatically. So this year, when I arrived, I took a second bucket for my room, and bought another flat bucket for dish washing, and now, there are always three buckets filled with water in my room. I just keep refilling them during the day, and although I still wake up almost every morning to no water, I have never once had to feel hassled by it, or complain about it. The guys have even asked me if I have water, thinking I imagine, that it was very strange that I was no longer raising the issue.
Another advantage to having this water available, is that it keeps me from having to make an issue of something else which does not work in the room. The pressure in the toilet when it is flushed is not enough to “get rid of everything”, and the easiest solution is to pour a jug of water into the toilet while it is flushing. So now, there is also always water for that as well, and I have released myself from something e4lse which could have become a true annoyance. We DO create our own reality by our thoughts and our reactions to situations!

(Now I just have to get the hot water to come out of the shower in more than a trickle and I will be perfectly content…)


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