October 27, 2009 – Laptop Along the Ganga

October 27, 2009 – Laptop Along the Ganga

Wonderful lovely good morning to everyone out there in cyberland!
This morning I decided to “shlep” my cute little laptop out with me for the first time and I must say that this is an amazing idea. I always enjoy writing up on my roof (which is probably one of the reasons I do so much more writing here in India than I do at home in Israel), but right now I am sitting at my favorite restaurant along the Ganga, with the sound of the rapids in the background, after a lovely breakfast of paneer parantha and masala chai, and , while staring down at the ganga, listening to its wonderful voice speak to me, am writing down my thoughts as they come. I have never felt more at peace while actually writing. I even have a perfectly comfortable place to sit on a low chair, with perfect angle for my back, a place to prop up my feet so my knees are also at a perfect angle to have the laptop resting on, and seems as if I’ve found my new heaven. Down below, the rapids are much stronger than they were just six months ago at the height of the snow meltdown, another sign of the good monsoon people have spoken about.

It would be lovely if I had an internet connection here and could show you on skype this amazing place…you will have to take my word for it and perhaps, one of these days , YOU will come here with me!! Oh my goodness, they just put a CD on very softly in the background…and it is one of my all time favorites: Roberta Flack singing “First time ever I saw your face”. Oh my goodness gracious! Now the song is my absolute all time oldies favorite: The Righteous Brothers singing “Oh my Love”!!!!! Pure heaven….

OK…I actually have some “other” writing to do, so will end this post and get on with what I had planned to do in the first place.



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