October 31, 2009 – Just Some Impressions and Updates

October 31, 2009 – Just Some Impressions and Updates

My shower has been fixed!  Oh, the pleasures of a nice hot shower!

The crowds have thinned.  Apparently it really was the remains of the Diwali Holiday crowd still vacationing until the beginning of the week.  Much quieter and pleasanter to walk around now.

Dates and dates:  I had another date last night – was taken out for Italian dinner. And I am now on my way out to a breakfast date!  I am getting very popular in my old age – and I love it!

I’ve mentioned this before in my blog posts over the years, but the feeling of Divine presence is felt everywhere in India, in the simplest gestures.  A couple of my favorites are the merchant who will touch the money he has just been paid to his forehead in thanks to God for the sale, before placing it in his cash box.  And the merchant, who upon opening his shop in the morning will use certain gestures of blessing over the doorstep to intone abundance and good prospects for the business day from God.  Always the awareness of God and gratitude to Him.  So unlike the Western world.

Notes from a few days ago:

Just had the best kicheri since coming to India, after eating in several places and not really cheap…and guess where it was?  Right here in my own house.  I cooked it myself!  Such a blessing to have the opportunity to cook.  I have to not be lazy and cook more often.  So far I’ve had vegetable soup twice, pasta once, oatmeal (with dried raisins, almonds, cinnamon and apples) several times, and today’s kicheri.  Just lovely.

And more recent:

Tonight I am invited to a wedding, and the groom is sending a car and driver to pick up whatever people want to come from around here and have no way of getting there, so I am planning to go.  Will try and take pictures and write about it tomorrow

And finally yesterday:

After my late night got up fairly early for some reason, had a nice breakfast, bought myself a new book to read and fell back to sleep…slept for a couple of hours, and now, sitting outside in clear fresh air on my rooftop, listening to music, reading, drinking coffee and something sweet, after giving my room a thorough cleaning after being here two weeks.  Feeling really pleased with myself, and tonight I am invited out for Italian dinner.

I will post the full story of the wedding at a future date, but it was fabulous.  Suffice it to say now, that I was given many opportunities to experience joy to the fullest, and I took advantage of each and every one of them gratefully-including dancing like a fool just for the fun of it and not caring what anyone thought of me!!   Also this was a good opportunity to test once more the new me, my release from fears and my ability to truly be spontaneous, and I received a perfect score of 100% in all areas!!!  More details in another post which will take me time to write up.

מודה אני לפניך לך שידעת, לך ששמעת, את שבקשה נפשי

This is song now playing on my random selection of music….out of over 4000 songs,, chosen for me especially at this moment…. “I give thanks to You – to You who knows, to You who hears, all that my soul desires.”

The peace I get from just sitting here with the mountains opposite and the crows cawing, the butterflies around and the lovely breeze to give relief from the sun which is still quite hot despite the cooler temperatures – well, what can I say?  I am so blessed and so grateful for each and every moment of my wonderful life.






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