Personal Insights from the Wedding Adventure-Nov 2009

November 3, 2009

Personal Insights from the Wedding Adventure

Two issues were tested at this wedding and I past with flying colors:

  1. My problem with expressing joy outwardly without being embarrassed and worrying about what others may think of me…thereby curtailing most of the fun I could have in most situations
  2. My tendency to always imagine everything that could possibly go wrong or be difficult in a particular situation involving going someplace, especially spontaneously  – outing, trip, unexpected invitation, anything which is not part of my routine activities basically.– thinking of every reason NOT to do something instead of focusing on every good reason to go ahead and simply enjoy. This is particularly strange because on a daily level, I actually do not worry about anything.  Most people worry all the time, about the fundamental things in their lives…health, money, children, relationships, a roof over their heads, the car, the dog, their jobs etc. etc.  I,  on the other hand, NEVER worry about any of this stuff.  I have complete FAITH in God and His Universe that I will always be provided with all I need, and never give a thought to the possibility that something “bad” will happen in these fundamental areas of my life.  My daily life is completely relaxed and unstressed, I flow with whatever comes my way, believe that whatever happens is exactly what should be happening for my Higher Good, I sleep well, never concern myself with all the things which seem to keep other people continually occupied with the “what ifs” of their lives, and seems to keep them in a state of constant stress and tension…all to no good purpose.  So this “thing” of mine with dealing with these small, pretty much insignificant events in my life, has always been confusing, and most annoying to say the least. It is the main reason why I have not done any significant traveling around India (except for my first visit), and why I basically stay put in one place, in my routine.  Perhaps this too will be changing…and that would be great fun for me-something to look forward to,

So, just exactly how I found myself dancing away on the dance floor at this Indian wedding, a type of dancing I had never done before, or imagined myself ever doing?

Well, let me first

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