November 9, 2009 – Plans and “Unplans” – Ill to Healthy

November 9, 2009

November 9, 2009 – Plans and “Unplans” – Ill to Healthy

Just a quick apology for not posting for so many days and a short explanation.  I have so much to write since my trip to Mussoorie, and even before that, but first I was busy with the trip, then tired after the trip, and figured by today I would be back to my regular writing.

But as we all know, plans in India change at the drop of a hat, and once again, there have been changes.  Just as I cancelled my trip to varanassi in January where I was to meet a friend from Israel, another opportunity came up to go to varanassi THIS week, and, with my new found freedom, I was able to flow with this new plan and so am going to varanassi on Thursday, with another “old” lady, and we will be away for 5 days in total.

Getting train tickets, hotel reservations etc., took up my time and energy over the past two days, and yesterday I already felt the beginnings of a cold and scratchy throat.  I’ve done all I can to keep it at bay and to be fine by Thursday, (gargling with sage, cleaning flushing out my nasal passages with my neti pot a couple of times a day, taking extra dosage of tulsi [holy basil] and chawanprash to strengthen my immune system, drinking lots of hot spiced ginger and lemon, etc. , and then praying to God and the angels to do whatever is necessary to have me completely healthy by the time I have to leave for varanassi, and, of course, visualizing myself completely healthy and full of energy in varanassi),  but part of doing all I can means giving in to my tired state and just relaxing for the next few days….so I doubt I will get around to telling all my latest stories for the time being.  But I will have plenty of time when I get back from varanassi, as I will begin panchakarma then, and so will have lots of free time for writing.

So please be patient.  All WILL be told when the time is right.

Later the same day….

After writing the above, I got into bed to rest and after a short time felt a slight fever and headache developing and I was really weak. My friend Ben sent a text message asking if he could come around for a visit and I explained that I was really feeling not well and preferred to just rest.  He promptly called and said he would “pop in” just to see how I was doing.  A couple of hours later he did just that, bringing me some food (which I couldn’t eat) and then, without hesitation, told me to lay down and he would do healing for me (he is a shamanic healer).  I did, and he did, and to make along story short, I am completely well!!  Talk about manifesting reality…this was a super quick job of it, and it just, once again, proves that thoughts DO become things and our intentions and prayers are heard and solutions sent…as long as we do OUR share of the job in the best way we can,  release our fears and expectations and then just let things flow as they are designed to by the Universe.

So I will continue taking it easy for the next couple of days, but might just get some of my writing done…time will tell.

Much love


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