Nov. 12-18 Varanassi – The Ultimate Indian Experience – Part I

November 19, 2009

Varanassi – The Ultimate Indian Experience – Part I

Sunrise on a Rainy Morning in Varanassi

Before recounting the actual journey and stay in Varanassi, let me just say that Varanassi encompasses everything that is India, at is utmost beautiful and at its most horrible. If you think of everything you have ever heard said about how terrible it is in India, and everything you have ever heard about how wonderful it is in India, and put them all together in one place, that place is Varanassi. It is India at its worst and most magnificent. It is true dichotomy on all levels.

It has left all my senses bruised and raw and painful, and not just my
physical senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. But my sense of compassion, humility, decency, acceptance, understanding, revulsion, pity, piety, anger, justice, proportion, disgust, wonder, amazement, sympathy, decency, divinity, purity, abhorrence, delight. And so much more…words are completely inadequate to recount this experience in its entirety. Hopefully the pictures and videos will also be of assistance in translating this journey into a language that does even minimal justice to what it truly was.

Varanassi is, first and foremost , one of the most sacred places on Earth, the oldest, continually inhabited city in the world. But for me,

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