November 24, 2009 – The Amazing Pressure Cooker

November 24, 2009 – The Amazing Pressure Cooker

Today was day two. Again tired but not as bad as yesterday and I think I’ve made a final decision to do a full 42 days.
I’m just writing this additional post to expound on the wonders of the pressure cooker. I’ve already learned to make vegetable soup and kitcheri in no time at all with wonderful results. Yesterday I steamed my veggies for the first time, and although I thought I had cooked it the minimum of the minimum, I was left with a vegetable much for dinner. Tasted OK with my chappatis but not was I was looking forward to. So this evening, I put the veggies – 2 carrots, sweet potato, large piece of pumpkin, 2 tomatoes, a handful of broadbeans, and spinach – cut in larger pieces than yesterday – into the pressure cooker, and as soon as it whistled the first time I shut it off, and instead of letting it cool itself, let out the steam immediately and opened it. And everything was perfectly cooked the way I like it. It took literally no time to cook basically. Quite amazing. Took me much much longer to prepare everything than to cook it.

And now I will begin writing up the varanassi story so that I can finally get then next parts off to you.



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