As I was sitting here posting the last two posts, I was waiting for news of a traffic accident in town where two foreigners were involved. One of them was my friend Ben…one person was killed one injured but it has taken the last hour for me to find out for sure. Ben is gone!! I am stunned beyond words or tears….I will write more tomorrow…perhaps

2 Responses to Tragedy

  1. Suni says:

    Ya Zen thanks for his all this last story we have really miss the person like very gentle,honest good even good looking person.i saw him always smiling like he was happy all the time he told me to little about his story and about his wife accident in Mexico which was heart to know about and he told me also he wants to bring his so in India for travailing.and he told me about he likes to have peace life in mountain or some where on the hill and make his own house there like this all was like beautiful dream the man had oh the conversation between us was like very good further cus i like that too.n i told him to come in Nepal and i really want to well come u in my home if u r coming that my village is also located in up to the hill like in reshikes maybe we have little taller hill in my
    place.cant forget how good was his last fair well to me when i was living to Nepal and i never knew that would be our last time even i cant imagine some thing that kind of story will build up cus the world need like person just like him n i seen the people many is just hard to believe how unfair some time.well im all good to write about him and im hope that lord will just love him a lots wherever he is…cus he know…

  2. Jane says:

    everything you say is so true….he WAS in Nepal just before he came back to India…he was in Pokara where he met a lama who was a guru teaching him much buddhist practice and he was thinking of becoming a monk and going back to nepal…
    so sad…but as I wrote in the other post, he is now happy and where he wanted to be with his wife, Marie Cruz

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