November 26, 2009 – Good Enough to Eat

November 26, 2009 – Good Enough to Eat

Today is my 4th day of panchakarma, and only 38 more days to go as I’ve committed to 42 full days. Just imagine: 42 days of full body massage each day!!
I’ve decided to change my schedule and see how it works out. when I finish and get home, I need to rest, and by the time I feel like going out, it is really cold…
So today I went out early, for breakfast, and although it is much more expensive and certainly not as delicious as my own apple cinnamon porridge which I cook fresh each morning with raisins and almonds as well, it was wonderful to be out, to sit along the Ganga, eat my porridge and reflect. Hope to be doing this now each day.
The picture above is the delicious plate of steamed veggies I prepare in the evening in my pressure cooker. It takes “0” time to cook, literally. Just before the first whistle, I shut off the flame, let out all the steam and the veggies are perfectly done. I eat them with ghee and three chappatis with ghee, and for now am happy. Six weeks of this will be difficult, but I will take each day as it comes.

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