November 30, 2009 – Vamana in Panchakarma

November 30, 2009 – Vamana in Panchakarma
Just a quick note, to say they I have just completed what is for me the most difficult part of panchakarma, called Vamana which is translated as vomiting but really means purging. It really is not vommitting, but I always found the idea terribly difficult to accept and last year was very difficult for me to go through it.
This year, I spoke with the doctor first about me vears and stress with the issue but he gave me ideas about how to make it easier. Last night and this morning I meditated on a quick and easy process and outcome, and when I got to the clinic I was feeling good actually. Devi, the therapist who would be helping me with it today came in. She said it is very good I am doing vamana today…”you feel very good after”… I asked her if she had ever done it and she said no. So, I asked how she knows it feels good after and she answered “doctor say so”. I then jokingly suggested that today, she should take a crack at it…she goes first and I help her, and my turn. Without a second of hesitation she replied “no possible…after vamana must to rest and I must to work so no I can do it!”. She is a sharp one for sure!! I told this to the doc and he had a good laugh! Anyway, we began, with me having to drink quickly a liter of rock salt mixed with honey. I managed about ¾ of the liter when I felt I could not drink another drop…the doc came to help as well and said it was OK for me, and then gave me some herbs to drink which would make you vomit even if you had NOT just drunk almost a liter of salt and honey! And then, even without putting my finger down my throat, it all began coming up…but very gently…just everything that went in, gently coming up and cleansing the whole upper part of the digestive system. I finished easily, laid down for a gentle chest massage, had my herbal tea and am now ready to leave. It has left me tired but with a very tranquil feeling of accomplishment and pride in myself.
It’s been a good start of a new day!

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