December 1-3, 2009 – Nothing much to Write And Another Couple of Days Gone By

December 1-3, 2009 – Nothing much to Write
Just beautiful weather, wonderful friends, feeling good about my panchakarma and about taking care of myself, and although I miss my family more than ever before for some reason, I am content with each day.

December 3, 2009 – And Another Couple of Days Gone By

It’s not as if there is nothing to write about…wherever I sit here, wherever I walk here, there is always some other surprising or exciting, or unusual or simply unbelievable thing to see. I just have no desire to write them down. This seems to be more and more for me a journey inward and assimilating and digesting everything as a whole seems to be more important for me now than concentrating on individual details and events. The whole seems to be the essence this time, and just BEING with it the goal, rather than trying to dissect it.
Natasha, my sweet next door neighbor, lovely friend, Reiki student and of course dishwasher, has left suddenly today (a nice story but again, no desire to write it all down – all is OK with her but she made the decision and was gone within 3 hours!). I am now alone again on the rooftop, and although I will miss Natasha’s presence next door, I must admit that it is also a good feeling to be alone again. Other friends are expected to arrive in Rishikesh over the next week or so, and my friend R who I went to Varanassi with, is leaving in a week as well. We are meeting for lunch tomorrow, perhaps the last time I will spend time with her before seeing her again next year .
I have found that there is a world wide network of “friends of Ben” very similar to the network of people who knew and loved Abdellah. And with facebook now, it is even easier to find one another. I’ve been getting messages, from people all over the world as well as from local people in Rishikesh. I’ve been blessed to have known both of these lovely and special men, even if only for a short time as with Ben. Each held his own special place in my “India life” and I’ve learned important lessons from both of them.
The weather is still lovely…and I am finding new places to eat each day. A new restaurant just opened right near here and the owner is a lady I know, who is an amazing cook and I hope her place will be successful. With so many new ones opening up, it is really a case of hit or miss I think. But this morning she made me lovely wheat porridge (much better than I ate at the spa and much cheaper), she has a beautiful Ganga View for me and it is 5 minutes from my house and Dr. Arora so very convenient. Tomorrow I will see what she has to offer in boiled veggies.
I am finding the routine of panchakarma another great benefit which I never really appreciated before but I do thrive best on a regular routine. I still have the time to be out and about if I choose to, but even if I just come back home, the days go by so quickly it is hard to believe. I’ve already completed almost 2 weeks!!
OK…enough boring rambling…I actually DO have interesting things to write but don’t feel like it…I will now watch a moving, drink my hot spiced milk which I’ve also been given permission to have before bedtime , and hit the sack early tonight.

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