December 6, 2009 – Time Moves On

December 6, 2009

December 6, 2009 – Time Moves On

My notebook is filling up with tidbits to write, but honestly have no inclination to do so. It all seems to much of a bother…just seeing, and hearing, and experiencing and BEING with each new incident or event seems to be enough for me. Detailing them in writing no longer holds any appeal. Which makes my blog boring for sure, but I can no longer work up the will power to force myself to write about these things, and honestly see no reason to do so by force.
If something particularly moving or exciting happens, I will certainly write about it, but the little things like: a new road and parking lot being built nearby and the primitive methods used to do it, although fascinating, will not find their way into writing. Or the two goats I watched locking horns and then butting their heads together in what seemed a choreographed dance performed just for me while waiting for my breakfast one day, or the family of construction workers including 2 small children, the older girl, about 10, working right along her father and the younger boy, of about 5, playing alongside by imitating all of their actions… In the past I could write an entire post about these things, including pictures, but it is not something which holds any appeal for me at the moment.

Another few days have past and it is difficult for me to realize that each day brings me closer to my time here in rishikesh. For personal reasons I will probably not be back for a almost a full year this time rather than my usual 6 months, (another grandchild, number 12, is on the way and I will happily be playing grandma again for at least the first 6 months), and this somehow makes these days even more precious to me.
The panchakarma limits what I can do freely however. I am feeling well and not excessively tired, but long days out are too much for me at his point. Today I finish my first 2 weeks and now have 4 weeks left.
So I take things slowly, doing one small thing I enjoy each day, either before, or after my daily session at the clinic ( and sometimes BOTH before and after, but that is generally too ambitious and really wears me out). I have begun slowly shopping for things people have asked for, as well as for myself. I actually find more joy in shopping here than I do at home, simply because I can AFFORD to buy things easily for other people and this is a pleasure which I normally am forced to forgo at home. Choosing gifts for others however, is quite stressful for me, but in the end I feel a sense of accomplishment when I get back to my room and can cross things off my list. I will leave shopping for myself until I finish panchakarma so I will have the energy to enjoy it, but for now, getting things people have specifically asked for takes up most of my outings.
I’ve found a lovely chemist, actually have know him since my first trip to rishikesh, and he is willing to make up a parcel for me of all the cosmetics and various health products I buy in India, for myself, and others. I will be adding some other things to it to save myself the hassle of having to make up a parcel by myself, and then hopefully will only have one smaller one to do before leaving in February.
I have found that the restaurant where I ate the lovely wheat porridge a couple of times (not the spa, the new one near where I live), also makes me the best plate of steamed veggies I’ve eaten here, other than the one I prepare for myself. So now I have another option for when I don’t feel like cooking.
I’ve felt like folkdancing again and did some yesterday in my room. I have a new friend at dancing who I chat with now on messenger, and she gives me the names of the latest dances, at least the nicest ones, and then I can google them, find them on youtube, and download them onto my computer so hopefully I will know some of them by the time I get home. I have even downloaded some of the newer ones I learned just before leaving as I had forgotten them already. The wonders of the internet!!!

It is very quiet here now, without all of my friends gone for the time being, and no inclination to meet new people. I am happy to have the time alone with no chance of someone coming up “just for a short visit”.
The weather is still lovely, although from 5 in the evening when the sun is gone, until about 11 in the morning, it is fairly cold. I now use my heater in the mornings, and for a very short time in the evening. But during the day it is perfect for walking around and so far no signs of rain.
Well, sorry for boring you all….but some people have complained that I am not writing enough this trip, so I’ve posted this to show that I care!


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