December 7, 2009 – Two Weeks of Panchakarma Finished and Observations about India

December 8, 2009

December 7, 2009 – Two Weeks of Panchakarma Finished and Observations about India

First of all, just to prove that I am not sitting here doing absolutely nothing (which sometimes is also good…sometimes doing nothing is doing something very important!)…but, I do keep myself busy with things I enjoy…so here is a project I’ve been working on since June, and finally finished it: A collage of Shai and Dani’s wedding pictures to hang on my wall when I get home….

Shai and Dani's Wedding Collage

And here’s another collage I put together about a month ago of my kids….

My 6 Wonderful KIds

And just before leaving for India…one of my grandkids:

And My 11 Grandkids

Let’s see…under normal circumstances, I would now be half finished with panchakarma, but this year, I still have 4 weeks to go. I haven’t written much, but will sum up the first two weeks. This next week will be more of the same, and then the following week I begin the series of 16 enemas. That should be fun! And the last week is to work on the rejuvenation process bringing everything back into balance.
So the first two weeks saw me cleansing in every way possible: I now have the sniffles and a slight cough cleaning out the remaining mucous in the upper part of my body, I had a real period last week lasting a full 4 days to my great surprise (had to go out and buy tampons…luckily they now sell them in India) – although this has happened in the past, it was barely worth talking about, but this year, instead of 62, I felt like I was 32 for those few days. I’ve had large amounts of fluid being released, especially during the first week when I could not be without a bathroom for longer than 1 hour. And of course a rash, mainly on my buttocks…And of course a good bowel cleansing following medication meant to induce diarrhea. Of course the first day did nothing, and the doctor was amazed. Last time the same thing happened but this time I already had begun cleansing and he expected things to work as usual. When I came the following morning and told him nothing happened, I can honestly say that it was the first time I’ve seen true surprise on his face! Anyway, we all joked about it and decided I needed dynamite delivered by bulldozer. The next night, the meds (a double dosage) did the trick, but not during the night as expected but after 12 hours, only beginning to work at 8 in the morning.
I’ve been without low energy for the past two days but the doc says this is also normal at this stage. For me it is not convenient however as I’d like to get my shopping done before I begin the enemas…I don’t know if I will be able to..we’ll see after I rest for a couple of days more.
I’ve been letting Lalita at the new restaurant prepare my wheat porridge for breakfast and then my steamed veggies in the afternoon instead of Read the rest of this entry »

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