December 10, 2009 – Finally Something Interesting to Write-Sirodhara and it’s Effects

December 10, 2009 – Finally Something Interesting to Write

Over the past 10 days I’ve experience 3 really really bad headaches, which always begin after I fall asleep, wake me from a sound sleep in which I am having weird dreams, and although I manage to fall back to sleep, and dream again, I am again woken with terrible pounding in my whole head. The headache is always gone by the time I wake up in the morning.
The only reason I could think of was that perhaps, due to the colder weather, I have not been drinking enough, so everytime I woke up with a headache, I would drink lots of water, but the headache never relented.
Then, last nite, I had the worst ever….I felt like my head would explode…it was not a migraine…something so intense I felt like crying, and didn’t know what to do except drink and do Reiki , Matrix and Hatmara to get back to sleep. I was awakened like this 4 times during the night, always from a powerful dream (which I don’t remember) which seemed very real to me while I was dreaming it.
It was only when I woke up finally in the morning (with no headache), that I began to think there was a connection between
the Sirodhara I do (oil drip on forehead) and the headaches, so when I got to the clinic today, I asked the doc if sirodhara could cause such headaches.
He asked if it was a pounding headache which woke me from dreams, and then as soon as I fell back to sleep would dream again, wake again etc. I said yes and so then he began to explain to me what was going on.
The main thing that sirodhara works on (although not the only thing), is memory. First of all improving memory, but also bringing up and release of memories long hidden deep in the body’s tissues. Bad memories which we have forgotten, or purposely hidden from our consciousness are retrieved and then released. Happy memories, which we would normally be pleased to remember, are also retrieved for us to enjoy. These have been blocked from our conscious mind by too much negativity in our life, and once the negative memories are released, these happy ones can surface to be enjoyed. So the headache is not caused by the sirodhara. It is a result of the body’s reaction to this release of negativity. It is the physical body, and the mind, resisting the process of retrieving these memories which we have succeeded in keeping hidden and blocked in body tissues for so long. And the more our mind and body resist this release, the more intense the headache will be. But once the memories are released through dreams, the body unable to prevent the process from completing itself, we are not only free of the headache, but free of all this long-standing, hidden negativity, and then open to retrieve the happy memories which have also lain hidden for so long . Some of the memories could even be from before birth according to dr. arora.
So, this is just another intensely deep benefit of my panchakarma…even if I don’t know WHAT was released (much as with Reiki), dumping garbage is always healthy and liberating…getting rid of negativity makes room for more positive and joyful living.
Next time I do sirodhara, at the doctor’s suggestion I will try to remember the dreams each time I wake up and despite the headache (assuming negative things are still coming up), try and write them down before falling back to sleep. Of course you never know…I might be done with the bad stuff and next time all kinds of lovely memories I’ve forgotten will enter my dreams.
Many studies documenting the physiological and psychological effects of Sirodhara are now being conducted and can be googled if you are interested. Dr. Arora says that he has know about this for many years and never saw any reason to document it, but it is interesting to see that modern medicine and science are now beginning to realize the depths and intense therapeutic properties of ancient sciences.
And that’s it for today


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