December 11, 2009 A Productive Day Before the Next Phase of Panchakarma

December 11, 2009 A Productive Day Before the Next Phase of Panchakarma

Hard to believe but another whole week has gone by. In exactly 2 months I will be home. It is hard to believe that ½ by time here has passed.
Today dawned cold but very sunny…unlike the last 3 days which were overcast. I was once again able to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the actual temperature really is not important. This would be the perfect kind of day for a winter tiyul (outing-trip) in Israel. Cold in the morning but warming up to lovely afternoon when layers can be removed but still breezy and cool enough to enjoy walking outdoors. Sadly, I could not take advantage of the lovely day. My panchakarma schedule has been moved up and instead of in a week, I will be beginning the enemas on Monday, so there were things I had to get done.
I knew there was a reason for me feeling the intense need to do all my shopping this week. Today I had a friend bring me down

to the chemist/pharmacist where I bought all my cosmetics –mainly things ordered by other people- he will be packaging and shipping this stuff for me and I added another 7-8 kilo of things I also needed to parcel. Everything is now in his hands and it is a great relief to me to be done with this. I usually wind up doing it at the end of the trip and feel hassled. I might be sending another parcel, but that will be just if I find stuff while out walking…not things I HAVE to get for others…except my grandsons as I am still pondering over what to bring them.
But there is a new development with the postal service here. Seems after the bombing last year in Mumbai, for some reason the government has cancelled sea mail. Which means the only way to send stuff is either air mail-expensive, express mail-more expensive. The chemist said he thinks that even SAL mail is no longer available but will check in a couple of days and let me know. If this is true, looks like a lot of the things I usually get in India and ship home, will no longer be a cost effective option. I will know for sure about the SAL after the weekend, but really happy I did my part in getting this parcel together.
I then came up to my room, and the weather being so warm and sunny, it was a perfect opportunity to take a nice shower and wash my hair without freezing to death afterwards. IT was a good idea, as I was able to still sit out in the sun for another ½ hour, and for a change, even after the sun set it was still warm enough to sit outside for awhile longer
I then danced for about 45 minutes in my room, had my kitcheri, lit Shabbat candles and am now in the middle of watching a movie which I have begun doing on Friday nites.
My friend Natasha who left so suddenly last week will be coming back in a week or so and her sister is coming to visit her from the UK. I will be happy to see her again.
Since she left I haven’t done any cooking, but I actually hope to make some good soup tomorrow which will last for 2-3 days.
So tomorrow is cooking day, and Sunday I have been invited by dr. arora to go with him and his wife and my friend reingard who is leaving for home on Monday. They have planned an outing to Haridwar to see what preparations have been made for the Kumbha Mela and he promised not a lot of walking around…mostly just exploring by car. It will be a nice day to spend a day out without hassle, and also a good last visit with Reingard.
And then Monday the more difficult part of panchakarma begins. Not because the enemas are difficult in themselves, but they are very tiring and my days of being out and about are probably over now for the next 2 ½ weeks.
So I doubt there will be much to write after this, although I will take the camera to Haridwar and hopefully will have some interesting observations to tell you about from that trip.



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