December 14, 2009 – Angel Message

December 14, 2009 – Angel Message

It is now Monday morning, the morning after a wonderful outing yesterday with the Arora’s which I will write about later today. Yesterday morning I wrote the following:

It is now Sunday Morning and I woke with an amazing sense of purpose and contentment after reading further last night. I am excited, as if at the beginning of a great new adventure taking me to wonderful new places…unexplored and yet completely familiar.

This morning, while meditating, I felt an extremely powerful physical presence on my right side, which to me is always the place where I feel Archangel Michael’s presence. As he is the Archangel who, among other things, removes negativity and cleanses, the following message which I received makes perfect sense coming from him:

You are being completely cleansed in preparation for the next phase of your life. Be prepared for surprises!!!

Short but sweet, and after what I wrote Sunday morning, is simply an affirmation from Higher Sources that wonderful and exciting things await me. I am truly blessed !!

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