December 16, 2009 – Winter Arrives Together with the Next Phase of Panchakarma –Definite Benefits from a Longer Panchakarma

December 16, 2009 – Winter Arrives Together with the Next Phase of Panchakarma –Definite Benefits from a Longer Panchakarma

After a cold dreary rainy yesterday, it is really cold told but glorious sunshine once again. I am wearing my fleece jacket for the first time and although I had to carry it home later in the morning, at 9:30 it was absolutely necessary. I also could use a hat…will have to go get one. During the daytime, from about 11 until 4, it is really warm and pleasant, but before and after, cold. As long as the sun is shining however, I don’t care as it is certainly not bitter cold. Just the kind of cold which feels good chilling your face and hands but no so much that it gets into your bones.
I have already done 2 oil enemas – which were really easy – and my first water enema. In the past, this first one has always been very difficult, uncomfortable and unpleasant. Today, it was simple and quick. I am now sitting out in the sunshine, on the Ganga, waiting for my kitcheri to be ready. Already bought supplies to cook soup for tonight and tomorrow and feeling soooooo good and content.

It is now the next day…and I am after my 3rd oil enema, relaxing before having my lunch of delicious lentil vegetable soup left over from yesterday, and have brought home a good portion of kicheri for this evening. I am feeling so pampered and at peace with everything. Hard to believe that if I had done just 4 weeks, as usual, I would be finished in 3 days. And now I am just at the beginning of the 3rd stage, which will last for another 2 weeks. I am feeling enormous changes on a physical level and it would not have happened if I had done the shorter program. It is as if the benefits are just beginning to show themselves and I am so grateful that I have committed to a full 6 weeks. There is no question here that longer is better.
After lunch I took a nice hot shower and then sat out in the wonderful sunlight (more in my next post about the importance of being outdoors, sunlight, etc) reading and listening to music. And did I mention that I have a pet cat here? I think I didn’t. Well, I do, and cat came to visit, get some Reiki, and just sit in my lap purring and healing me in return! And then to end a perfect day, my friend Pat, the 72 year old lady I met last year, arrived yesterday, and today came up to visit. We had a lovely chat and did some catching up. She’s just spent 6 weeks in Mcleodganj, her first time there, and had an amazing time. She did a five day retreat at tushita studying Buddhist philosophy for the first time, learned to cook momos, and helped monks with English, in addition of course to walking in the mountains. It was so nice to hear her stories…brings mcleodganj a little closer. She is here in rishikesh now until the 25th, when she is off to do a 10 day vipassana retreat in Dehra Dun. Then back to rishikesh for awhile before heading off to Gujarat. She is quite amazing! What an inspiration for me!
Now to have my kitcheri, relax with a movie perhaps, and to sleep.


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