December 17, 2009 – Angel Medicine, Crystal-Clear Intentions About My Soulmate, Sunlight and Messages

December 17, 2009 – Angel Medicine, Crystal-Clear Intentions About my Soulmate, Sunlight and Messages


Reading the Angel Medicine book is proving to be a very powerful awakening for one of many things that I know deep inside but never connected with previously. In addition, I am receiving strong confirmations for my routine daily practices and healing “techniques” which I have come to practice by following guidance from my guides, angels and ascended masters over the years.
The more I am cleansed by the panchakarma, the more room there is for personal growth on deeper levels than ever before.
The book has written about the effects of sunlight and this connects up with what I learned so many years ago in Soul Love…of the sun being the soul of the universe and the immense power of sunlight in helping us connect, and stay connected with our soul’s needs. It also speaks of the importance for

balance on all levels from being outdoors in fresh air and natural light, without the filtering of windows, the damage done by artificial lighting which effects our natural rhythms, etc. This explains why I always feel so much different in India, where I spend close to 10 hours a day outdoors…at home I am lucky to be outdoors, on a good day, for a few hours. Some days I don’t make it outdoors at all! I am always drawn to sit on my terrace which is not blocked by windows. I find myself eating my meals there, reading there, and since getting my small laptop, even doing much of my computer work out there. I now understand why I miss having a back yard so much, and why this terrace draws me to it all the time…no matter how hot or cold the weather is, I have the need to be out there as much as possible.
The book also explains the powerful healing energies of sunrise, sunset and moonlight and which chakras they effect and balance and cleanse and which I hope to write about shortly, but not today. The colors of sunrise and sunset are apparently not just to be enjoyed for their wondrous beauty….they have very specific effects on our systems.

It is now sometime later, and I have been directed to write this up completely now. It is 1 AM and I was woken from a lovely dream, and sent back to the book to find certain passages to be copied here: I didn’t feel like turning on the computer so first wrote my own thoughts on paper…
Insufficient direct sunlight limits the production of serotonin which can lead to depression.
after writing this and figuring it was enough, I was told/given specific instructions to open the book and FIND the passage which explains this more fully..this took some doing but I did find it and here it is:
“…sunlight is an important catalyst for production of the brain chemical serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical involved in the brain’s electrical transmissions that regulates mood, appetite and energy levels.
Every night as we sleep, our brains create a supply of serotonin to use for the following day, since the chemical can’t be stored. IF we make enough serotonin during the night, we awaken refreshed and energized. But too little serotonin, we feel nungover and irritable low serotonin levels are also correlated with premenstrual syndrome, bed-wetting, mood swings, carbohydrate cravings and depression. …” Angel Medicine, p. 73
She goes on to describe how we try to compensate in our modern lifestyles with caffeine, sugar, artifical stimulants, drugs and alocohol, and as well as psychoactive drugs such as Ritalin and prozac… creating a vicious cycle of chemical dependency. simply by getting enough sunlight, many of these symptoms could easily be relieved.
“Sunshine sparked sunny dispositions and bright moods”…p 21…when speaking about the difference in temperament and clothing colors in countries where there is a warmer climate and much sunshine during the day…where people tend to take more advantage of the natural light.
Well, after getting this done, “they” were not satisfied and I was awakened again to continue writing about other forms of natural light and color….what I wrote was:
Different types of natural light, sunlight, sunrise, sunset, moonlight, starlight, even rainbows, all have specific healing and balancing properties which our bodies need for physical well-being. The ancients knew this and used colors and lights for all types of healing work. Reiki is mentioned as one of the few ancient healing frequencies of light and color energy being used today.
I felt good about this and again went back to sleep figuring to write up the last passage from the book in the morning. I was awakened earlier than usual, and told to begin my work, but before beginning, to go outside immediately (this was well before 7 AM and I do not make a practice in these freezing cold winter mornings of going out before 8:30 or 9. Well, I went out and was treated to the lights of sunrise…just to prove a point I suppose. I came in energized and sat down to write all the additions to the original post I wrote yesterday.

“Watching sunsets doesn’t just evoke pleasant feelings because of the pretty colors. The sunset bathes you in the colored lights that activate your lower chakras, which helps ground you, [as well as clearing away stored toxins from the day in the 2nd chakra-hence the orange range of colors, the color of this chakra] (this is quoted from another page in the book which also references sunlight’s effects)…That is why at early night, humans use lower=chakra activities such as food, drink, and sex to relax yourselves. By bathing in sunset light, you can activate more naturally as a way to ground yourselves;. It’s very important to watch sunsets and to go outside and bathe in their light, or at least stand next to an open door or window where you can bathe in the sunset light without the filtering effects of glass.”
“Moonlight and starlight activate the late-night chakras in the auric field, including the third-eye and throat chakras, which are part of this field and are useful for healing during dreamtime. This process includes receiving psychic instructions during dreamtime. Sunrise light activates the heart chakra, to awaken the energy levels and the psychic senses for daytime intuition. Sunlight during the day keeps your upper and lower chakras in communication and in sync”p. 55
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this since waking this morning. And I realized that this was the first night in a few weeks that I received messages during the night, and last night, since my friend Pat came up for an evening visit, was the first time in several weeks that I was outdoors AFTER DARK in moon and starlight….due to the cold, I usually go inside once the sun goes down (after I’ve seen the sunrise)…so I had been missing the effects of moon and starlight for a few weeks now. I will do my best to be outdoors each evening now, even for a short while.
Everything God created for us, in His Divine wisdom, has a very real purpose…we must learn to take advantage of all His blessings!!

If I have learned nothing else from this book, (I’ve already been almost bombarded with an amazing amount of concepts and things to think about….been brought to places which I could never have been brought to earlier in my life’s journey…this IS the time for me to be reading this book). If I don’t write anything else from the book, one thing is for sure: A very clear message comes through to me on almost every page, no matter what other information is being given to me on the page, the strongest message is that I must begin asking for much more assistance from the angels…I have to begin doing this immediately….and actually have, when I started working on my soul mate and life partner visualizations with crystal-clear intention, complete faith and love and acceptance, and no fear, while asking for the assistance of the angel Daniel, the angel of Marriage, and all other angels, archangels and other beings of light who can assist me. I was immediately given a message during my meditation this morning with a concrete idea of what I need to do to set this intention into serious motion. And I will be taking care of that tomorrow!
More to come…
And now I’ve been given the go ahead to post this , “everyone” seeming to be satisfied at the moment at least.


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