December 17, 2009 –Only in India

December 17, 2009 –Only in India
Just two short comments/impressions/information about things I’ve seen or learned the last few days.
While traveling with the Arora’s, we were shown a unique type of vehicle which I probably would not have even noticed if it wasn’t pointed out to me. The Hindi name for it means something like “junk heap”. It is a motor vehicle made by using the engine of a water pump! The front of the vehicle looks similar to a tractor but the motor is completely exposed, as are all the working mechanical parts. There is a place for a driver to sit, and then the back is about the size of a tender/small commercial vehicle, and is made from scraps of whatever is available…the floor and sides from slats of wood, the wheels from wherever they are found etc. This is where cargo, or people, are carried. A cheap car in India costs about 200,000 rupees. This costs about 35,000 rupess. I asked if people all over India make these themselves, but he said no – it originated in Punjab and now can be seen in Uttarakand, UP and Haryana as well. Almost like building a toy car from junk and scraps, but this really works and travels on the roads. I wish I had a picture but couldn’t get one….
Second thing, is home financing. It seems if you want to build a house, and already have the land, but cannot continue building because you don’t have enough money, you can get a bank loan for up to 100,000 rupees and then you don’t have to start paying it back immediately as you would a mortgage where I come from. You inform the bank beforehand that once you finish building the house, you will rent out a couple of rooms on the second floor, and also open one of the first floor rooms as a kind of kiosk, and with the money you get from this, you will be able to pay back the loan on a monthly basis. So they give you the money and you don’t begin paying it back until the house is finished and you begin bringing in money!!!! Paying it back takes a few years, and the the entire house is yours to live in in comfort as you wish, but most Indians are so used to living in one or two rooms, that they continue to rent out the rooms and kiosk and have a good business going.


2 Responses to December 17, 2009 –Only in India

  1. BarryJake says:

    hey, good post and i also like your page layout too. Bookmarked your site and will stop by again

  2. Jane says:

    Nice to meet you! Thanks for the kind words…


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