December 20, 2009 – Chill Factor Check

December 20, 2009

December 20, 2009 – Chill Factor Check

Last year I did some experimenting with my sensitivity to being out in the heat and found that with proper intention, I could stay out much longer than I always believed I could, and aside from being uncomfortable, like everyone else, had no ill effects afterwards. This was a big dispersing of a myth about myself and my limitations and very freeing.
So this week, I decided to do the same experiment with the “chill factor”. I always dress to keep myself thoroughly warm at all times, and don’t mind wearing layers of clothing, as long as I feel warm. I don’t like feeling cold at all and find myself getting tense and stressed if I am cold, and of course always worrying that it will be “bad” for my arthritis.
However, when I leave in the morning for my treatments, or for an early ganga breakfast, it is VERY cold and windy, and I am in numerous layers of clothing. The problem is, by the time I come back, the weather is glorious and warmer, and then I have to carry all this stuff, and because there is so much of it, I wind up leaving some of the layers on, and then I am completely overheated and find it difficult getting back up the hills to my room.
So, yesterday, I went out without a shawl and jmy winter jacket, but still with lots of layers. I was cold going down, but nothing unbearable, and in a way it was even pleasant feeling the cold air penetrating my clothing. And it lasted all together, about 10 minutes….when I had to go home, I removed two more layers and put them in my bag, and tied my sweatshirt around my waist, and was SO comfortable going home, feeling the fresh air penetrating through to my body…it was lovely.
So, today I wore one additional layer less…and it was REALLY chilly going down, but again, only 10 minutes worth, and now I have that much less to carry back with me…
I also finished 28 days of panchakarma today, the point where I would normally be finished with the whole process, but now I have two weeks left and am very pleased with my decision to do the 6 weeks.
More later…or not….just posting this as is….


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