December 21, 2009 – A day of surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant – Sunrise, sunset and Moonlight

December 21, 2009 – A day of surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant – Sunrise, sunset and Moonlight

Today is the officially the first day of winter and from what I hear, Europe and the Eastern Coast of the USA are definitely feeling it. And although somewhat chilly here morning and evening, the weather here is still glorious. Known as the Winter Solstice it holds special energies, and it was, Well, it was an interesting day to say the least.
Since reading about the healing,cleansing and balancing effects of sunrise, sunset and moonlight, I have been making a special effort to take full advantage of them. Before going to sleep I ask to be out for sunrise, and today is the third day that I am awakened in time to go out and experience the colors of sunrise, before heading back into my heated room for the rest of my “morning stuff”. I then make sure that I am outdoors for sunset as well, which I don’t really see from my room, but I DO see the sky taking on all the colors of sunset, and this is fine. And now, no moon and new moon days, the time for new beginnings, I have also made it my business to be
outdoors, no matter how cold (the hat I just bought is perfect for this time of evening), for at least ½ hour in moonlight and starlight. Last night I was even guided to a new way of enjoying this. Don’t know where on Earth (or Heaven) the idea suddenly came to me. There is a suite room upstairs which has a rocking chair outside, and I found myself drawn up to this room. I happily sat there rocking for about 15 minutes and then remembered that there is also a sofa type swing up there as well, and found myself swinging for another 20 minutes, perfectly at peace, and enjoying the effects of the moonlight at the same time. I hope to make a regular habit of this each evening before finally settling into my room for the remainder of the evening.
So, back to my day: First Surprise: It began before 7 when my phone rang, and I was quite surprised to see it is my friend Dyanne. I know she was arriving today in India with two women who are here for the first time. She is an experienced traveler, worldwide and much so in India. She is actually the person most responsible for my finding my way to India the first time. Her assurances were what finally gave me the courage to make the journey here in 2001…and had not even met her yet! This was all through the Lonely Planet Forum where she found me…and she lives in Israel! Well,that’s all another story.
So, she was coming to India for a month with these ladies and had cancelled her plans to come to Rishikesh with them because of the hassle of the Kumbha Mela in January. Well, needless to say, I was totally surprised when she called and told me they had arrived at the airport, and were planning to go to Rajasthan directly, and for some reason spontaneously changed their plans were at that very moment in a taxi headed for Rishikesh! Could I please reserve 3 rooms for them y Seema Guest House! Which I did, and then headed off to my treatment but instead of having lunch out, came straight back to my room so I would be here when they arrived. Second surprise:… the lovely surprise of finding black grapes for the first time in my local vegetable shop…been dreaming of eating them together with yak cheese since I arrived…
Third Surprise: Dyanne’s second phone call-My phone range while I was getting a massage but didn’t manage to answer it and saw it was dyanne…probably calling to tell me there was traffic and they would arrive later-but when I got back to my room she DID catch me- only to tell me they had been in a traffic accident! This was around 1 in the afternoon after they had been to the local government hospital-she doesn’t even know where – and finally the police arranged for them to be taken back to Delhi-I won’t go into any details here, except to say that if they hadn’t been wearing their seatbelts, they probably would be dead! She promised to call once she got to the hospital in Delhi (they accident occurred about 100 kilometers outside of delhi, After waiting for hours and hours and not hearing from her, I began to get concerned and so sent her a text message. Fourth Surprise: She immediately called me back, this was already 5 PM (!) to tell me that they were still stuck in traffic in Delhi with an idiot driver who had been driving them around Delhi for hours without finding the hospital, even after asking directions several times in Hindi, and then they wound up stuck in rush hour traffic!…Final Surprise: A call around 8 in the evening…they were finally at the hospital after a brief check up, but it was too late for extensive testing, x-rays etc., and would be staying at the hospital for treatment etc., as well as a place to stay, for as many days as necessary before they arranged, I imagine through their travel insurance, their return to Israel. I still don’t know what is actually wrong with them, although Dyanne feels she has at least one broken rib from the seatbelt and perhaps a broken arm or hand…the other two ladies, in the back seat, are all bruised etc, but again I don’t know anything else. Seems the force of the head-on collision, which she feels their maniac driver was responsible for, was so powerful that the driver, whose seatbelt was not secured tightly, crushed the steering wheel with his body on impact! He obviously was not in good condition!! As I know more I will let you know but I pray there are only minor injuries and no more hassles for these three ladies before their return to home.
Update: next day…she needs surgery on her hand and they may have broken or cracked ribs from the seatbelts…they are now making arrangements to fly home and hopefully there will be no further hassle.

2 Responses to December 21, 2009 – A day of surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant – Sunrise, sunset and Moonlight

  1. reckless driving is very common in india

    • Jane says:

      wonder how you found your way to this post…interesting…yes…India’s roads are not don’t seem to be the safest places to be….:-)

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