December 23, 2009 – Final Solution to “Pani Nahi Hei”

December 23, 2009 – Final Solution to “Pani Nahi Hei”

There is a regular, almost daily problem with water being turned off here, and I’ve written about it before, but there is always someone to rectify the problem as soon as I go down and notify them that I have not water (pani nahi hei). Well, today I went down and there was a hitch. The manager, Udai, was not there, the room boy, Mansing, was not there and no one knew where he was (probably found some cute girl and was off with her somewhere), and Amir, who is usually at the reception, has gone back to Nepal for a vacation. So there was no one to turn the water back on. The new guy at the reception didn’t know what to do. But I’ve always seen what the other guys do and was really frustrated. Finally, after two hours of waiting (being assured that as soon as Udai or Mansing came back they would turn it on-which of course I knew would not happen unless I went down and found them myself), I went down the third time and of course both of them were back, but had no idea I had no water. So I spoke to Udai and told him it was a serious problem if there is not at least one person around at all times who knows how to turn on the water. His reply was: “come, I show YOU to do yourself!!”..Only in India. So now, I know the three problems which cause “no water” and how to fix them, and also where the “secret” key for turning on the water is hidden!! Hopefully in the future I will no longer have a problem in the event that no one is around who can do it for me. Last year, he also showed me where the fuse box was in case I blow a fuse in my room, so I don’t have to wait for him all the time. (But this year I am more careful…for example, I don’t’ use the heater together with the immerser, and so far so good.)

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