December 23, 2009 – More Video Viewing and COLD COLD COLD

December 23, 2009 – More Video Viewing and COLD COLD COLD

…”those who insist on believing in coincidences are missing out on miracles” – Angel Medicine , Doreen Virtue, p. 217
Just something to think about. before beginning the rest of this post!

And then, just to keep from being bored:

I took my camera down to the building site I mentioned a couple of weeks ago and put together a short video to give you some idea of the primitive way in which this is still done…and this goes for building roads, laying underground cables, building houses…and not in just small private areas or villages…the same basic methods are used in the big cities as well. It is amazing that a high rise apartment building can be built using the same basic techniques as this small two room house you see in the process in this short video.

Well, I can honestly say that today was the first truly cold day, all day long. At 6 AM it was 3 degrees and when I went out around 9:30 it was only 8 degrees. And at the warmest part of the day it was not more than 12-14 degrees…and it was hazy so the sun was there, but not at full power. I’ve had my heater on and off all day. Out in the sun where possible and then back in the room to warm up. Trying very hard not to bundle up to much as I mentioned in my previous post, and it seems to be working. And of course I have my hot water bottle which is a life-saver in the evening when I get into bed, and it stays warm for many many hours. Today is the first time even the local Indians are discussing the weather, as it is usually not this cold until well into January. I imagine it will get warmer again for several days, and the truth is, it is not all that bad. I have plenty of warm clothes, and of course my heater so I will not be uncomfortable. And if I wasn’t doing panchakarma, I’d be out walking each day which would be lovely. Part of my problem is that I am basically inactive which doesn’t go a long way towards warming up my body. I do some dancing in my room and some yoga as well, which helps some and gives me something to keep me busy. In addition, as part of all the changes taking place for me, I seem to be suffering much less from the cold than I ever did before in my life. As a matter of fact, I am not “suffering” at all…just FEEL the cold like everyone else. It is a wonderful feeling.


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