December 24, 2009 – The Power of Music

December 26, 2009

December 24, 2009 – The Power of Music

Yesterday I came back from my water enema looking forward to cooking vegetable soup for myself and just relaxing in the sun on the rooftop. Something inside told me to take my Ipod out with me (something I NEVER do), and then I was somehow guided to two playlists which I haven’t listened to in a very long time…completely different from each other. The first, Shlomi Shabat, and Israeli singer who’s main generes are Israeli Mizrachi music and Latin-American rhythms which he very often sings in Spanish as well, sometimes long with Pablo Rosenblum. The second was Avraham Fried, and American Lubavitch Hasid who is a very popular singer of Hasidic music.
Well, to my great surprise, I found myself in a meditative state, with earphones and in and volume way up, bringing the music into me, as part of my being, blocking out everything else. The first playlist got my body moving and tapping, and swaying, and just about everything possible physically while sitting in the lotus position. My eyes of coursed closed, an enormous smile on my lips and very often mouthing the words, as if chanting. It moved me as deeply as music could on a physical level, opening my chakras in great joy. And then the second playlist began and a few of the more upbeat melodies kept me physically moving, but the words began to touch my soul as well. And then certain songs with very touching and inspirational words, touched me more than any mantra chanting has ever done, and moved me to the very depth of my soul being, my would moving and dancing just as my physical body did, and tears of great joy began to flow from my eyes. I spent 1 ½ hours in this surprising meditation and found myself in an almost out of body experience from the immense power this music had over me. I finished the playlists, came out of my meditation, uplifted, and energy charged on all levels and truly one with Divine Joy. So much so, that right after preparing my soup, instead of eating, I spent another 45 minutes DANCING!!
It was a beautiful and surprisingly rewarding afternoon, another great blessing which I am grateful for.

December 25, 2009 – Xmas in Rishikesh and the Blessings of Service

December 26, 2009

December 25, 2009 – Xmas in Rishikesh and the Blessings of Service

I always find it funny to be in Rishikesh and see Xmas being celebrated…schools are closed as this is one holiday which is celebrated by all of India. But it wasn’t until this year that I found out there is a Christian community in Rishikesh, and they are not well tolerated. Seems Lalita, the lady who opened the new restaurant and was born in Varanassi, is a Catholic, as is her husband. And right here in Tapovan is a Church which I never knew was a Church. The small community was allowed to build the church on the condition that there would be no outward signs that it was a church, so it is a nice building on the road down to Laxshman Jhula, just across from the leper colony down from Red Chili Internet , but you would not know what it is by passing by. I always thought that India was very tolerant of all religions so this surprised me. Lalita said that Rishikesh is the only place there is a problem, as it is an extremely religious Hindu city and the tolerance level is very low. But she is throwing a big xmas party in her restaurant today including a Xmas tree and no one will bother her as it is “business” and there is full tolerance for businesses earning as much money as they can!
A funny thing happened when I went into the grocery store this morning. A man was shopping and he dropped a large bar of Toblerone chocolate and it fell right on my foot. He apologized and picked it up, and then handed it to me, saying it was apparently mine and wishing me a Merry Xmas. Under normal circumstances I would have considered this a great surprise to enjoy, but I will not eat it and so gave it to Devi, Lakshmi and Dr. ARora to enjoy and they were ever so happy!
When I came into the restaurant for my breakfast, I found this walking stick on the table.

I know you never comment on my blog, but this time I’d like to know what YOU think it is doing there, before telling you the story. So just go to the bottom of the post and comment on why you think there is a walking stick on the table. In a couple of days I will tell the full story.
The weather is really beautiful today, after 2 very cold days and nights, it has gotten a little warmer, but the room is really cold now and so I need my heater for more hours. The high temperature of the day lasts from about 11-4, but even when sitting in the sun now I need a couple of layers of clothing…but the warming heat of the sun penetrates deep into my bones and is truly healing. Every day now, when I finish my treatments at the clinic, I sit outside with dr. arora on his front “terrace”, soaking up the sun’s warmth and watching life go by on this very busy corner. One day I will come down here with my camera and take a video to show you….it is so interesting and diverse that I could literally sit here for hours and not be bored!
And just by the way, although I haven’t mentioned it until now, I do at least one short healing a day, sometimes more, on people I meet, using a new technique I learned, and it brings quite amazing results. I also have met a couple of sweet girls who I am working with, mainly just talking, but the healing is mutually received and quite lovely. It is a true blessing to have these people sent to me as I am never happier or more content then when serving others. I am truly blessed


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