December 24, 2009 – The Power of Music

December 24, 2009 – The Power of Music

Yesterday I came back from my water enema looking forward to cooking vegetable soup for myself and just relaxing in the sun on the rooftop. Something inside told me to take my Ipod out with me (something I NEVER do), and then I was somehow guided to two playlists which I haven’t listened to in a very long time…completely different from each other. The first, Shlomi Shabat, and Israeli singer who’s main generes are Israeli Mizrachi music and Latin-American rhythms which he very often sings in Spanish as well, sometimes long with Pablo Rosenblum. The second was Avraham Fried, and American Lubavitch Hasid who is a very popular singer of Hasidic music.
Well, to my great surprise, I found myself in a meditative state, with earphones and in and volume way up, bringing the music into me, as part of my being, blocking out everything else. The first playlist got my body moving and tapping, and swaying, and just about everything possible physically while sitting in the lotus position. My eyes of coursed closed, an enormous smile on my lips and very often mouthing the words, as if chanting. It moved me as deeply as music could on a physical level, opening my chakras in great joy. And then the second playlist began and a few of the more upbeat melodies kept me physically moving, but the words began to touch my soul as well. And then certain songs with very touching and inspirational words, touched me more than any mantra chanting has ever done, and moved me to the very depth of my soul being, my would moving and dancing just as my physical body did, and tears of great joy began to flow from my eyes. I spent 1 ½ hours in this surprising meditation and found myself in an almost out of body experience from the immense power this music had over me. I finished the playlists, came out of my meditation, uplifted, and energy charged on all levels and truly one with Divine Joy. So much so, that right after preparing my soup, instead of eating, I spent another 45 minutes DANCING!!
It was a beautiful and surprisingly rewarding afternoon, another great blessing which I am grateful for.

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