December 28, 2009 – Some Pics and a Quiet Morning in Tapovan – Video

This is a typical QUIET morning as seen from dr. arora’s front “porch” where I now sit following my treatments and eating my kicheri and enjoying the warmth of the sun. This video was taken over a 10 minute period on a weekday morning when there is not much traffic…both human and vehicular I will next take a video on a day when it is busy…hopefully by next week.

And also a couple of pictures you might find interesting:

Parking Sign

This is the sign hung today to announce the opening of the new parking area…notice how well thought out the work is!! This IS India


I’ve needed this in my room…notice the beautiful design..much nicer than the ones we have at home…haven’t caught anything yet. Since I put it out, the mouse has stopped his nightly visits!

This is a monkey enjoying the sun in a comfortable chair.n And this is the reason for the walking stick on the restaurant table sent the other day. These monkeys were making themselves at home around the chairs of the balcony table, and even sitting on the railing with their feet comfortably resting on the table. I DID NOT of course have my camera with me to take a picture those days, but it was so cute…i tried chasing them away but they just sat and stared at me as if to say “make us!”…Then Lalita came out with her rolling pin in hand and ran at them, and they dispersed immediately. From then on her rolling pin remained on the table, but she needed it for cooking, so it was replace by the walking stick which seems to do the job as well. The monkeys have now taken up residence on the neighboring balcony,

Busy Street Corner

This is the corner I have to cross when coming down each day from High Banks where I live. Notice the billboards.

Clean Himalay

India has become very environmentally aware the last year, particularly because of the frightening damage being done to the Himalayas and its long term effects on weather patterns in India. This is the local company which works in the Rishikesh Area.


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