January 1, 2010 – Dawn of a New Year

January 1, 2010

January 1, 2010 – Dawn of a New Year
I woke this morning to a glorious sunshiny day, after a wondrous full moon night and happily went down to my almost last day of panchakarma. When I came out of my treatment, I was greeted with a bitter cold wind, and completely fogged in , overcast sky with no sign of the sun anywhere.

The above are what I saw when I came back home, as opposed to this:

which I usually see from my balcony. Not only that, there is no electricity which means no heater and no hot water to warm up with. This is the first truly wintry day since the colder weather began and I truly hope it signals some rain, which will clear away the dust and dryness of the last 10 days, and then hopefully the sun will shine fully again and the lovely days of afternoon warmth will return. For me it will be hot soup again, which I will begin preparing as soon as possible. The cooking also warms up the room and the hot soup will warm me up from the inside since I cannot warm up from the outside right now.
It is an interesting beginning for the New Year…a sure sign that change is in the making in more ways than just the weather.


January 1, 2010 – Happy New Year!! A Party and Its Message

January 1, 2010

January 1, 2010 – Happy New Year!! A Party and Its Message

Party People

It is now almost 1 AM as I write. And I am just getting to sleep after a New Years Party which took place in MY room!!! Actually, what started out as a simple invitation to two friends to share my evening soup with me, turned quite unexpectedly and completely spontaneously into a party!! And between the empty wine bottles and glasses outside my room

party remains

waiting to be collected, as well as these shoes outside my room this morning, I was given some very interesting looks when I went downstairs this morning. I can just imagine what everyone is thinking!

only the green crocs are mine!

Let me go back to this morning…I went for my regular panchakarma…just 3 days to go, and on the way back home, decided to make an especially good soup for supper, so I bought mushrooms and some other veggies. Got back to my room around 2 and sat out in the lovely sunshine for awhile and even went up on the next terrace to sit in the swing for awhile. Back to my room and then began to put together my soup.
One of the sweet young girls I met over the past couple of weeks, Eli, had gone to meet dr. arora after hearing about my experiences, and today she began, to her great surprise, 3 weeks of panchakarma. She just came up to tell me that all was well and to bring me a flower of thanks, and I decided to ask her to join me for soup. She gratefully
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