January 1, 2010 – Happy New Year!! A Party and Its Message

January 1, 2010 – Happy New Year!! A Party and Its Message

Party People

It is now almost 1 AM as I write. And I am just getting to sleep after a New Years Party which took place in MY room!!! Actually, what started out as a simple invitation to two friends to share my evening soup with me, turned quite unexpectedly and completely spontaneously into a party!! And between the empty wine bottles and glasses outside my room

party remains

waiting to be collected, as well as these shoes outside my room this morning, I was given some very interesting looks when I went downstairs this morning. I can just imagine what everyone is thinking!

only the green crocs are mine!

Let me go back to this morning…I went for my regular panchakarma…just 3 days to go, and on the way back home, decided to make an especially good soup for supper, so I bought mushrooms and some other veggies. Got back to my room around 2 and sat out in the lovely sunshine for awhile and even went up on the next terrace to sit in the swing for awhile. Back to my room and then began to put together my soup.
One of the sweet young girls I met over the past couple of weeks, Eli, had gone to meet dr. arora after hearing about my experiences, and today she began, to her great surprise, 3 weeks of panchakarma. She just came up to tell me that all was well and to bring me a flower of thanks, and I decided to ask her to join me for soup. She gratefully

accepted the invitation. She was supposed to arrive around 7 after practicing yoga with another friend, Richard.
Then my friend from delhi, who was supposed to be getting married but had to postpone the wedding because a relative had passed away, arrived with her fiancé, her brother and some other friends. The ride which normally takes them 4 hours from delhi took them 8 hours today!…we spoke for a little while and planned to meet tomorrow (today) at 7 in the evening.
Then I saw my friend Richard as well and invited him for soup also. He asked what I was doing for new years eve and said the same thing I always do, Nothing! I never manage to stay up late anyway, and am not a big party person, so would probably fall asleep at my usual time between 9 and 10.
Well,in the end Eli didn’t arrive until almost 8 and said Richard was showering after yoga and would arrive soon with another friend who just got back from a bike trip to chandigarh. I’ve been hearing about carlos for a few weeks now but never met him. Richard arrived alone, and both of them being very hungry, decided not to wait for carlos who might still take some time. (I had already eaten much earlier – I told them that I could not wait that late to eat but would still enjoy sharing my meal with them whenever they arrived so that they wouldn’t be pressured to get here any specific time.) I served them both soup and left enough for carlos, who eventually did come and it was really nice meeting him. A very pleasant young man from Mexico.
He was also served soup and then apparently he had brought back 3 bottles of really good imported wine from chandigarh and they were heading off to celebrate when he asked if they could have the first bottle in my room, which they found so comfortable and pleasant and shanti. I was of course invited to join them-I declined the wine but accepted the company. (I ate chocolate instead and made each toast as they continued to refill their glasses with the box of chocolate!). We were by then all sitting on the bed, nice flute music in the background, and although I didn’t drink myself, the effect of the alchohol was contagious and I enjoyed their pleasant company and the entire atmosphere just as much as they did. In the end, we shared the chocolate I had in the room, and for the next 3 hours or so just talked, and joked, and relaxed and simply had a good time. They enjoyed seeing pictures of my family and it was fun “showing them off” to other people- who are actually younger than most of my kids! Richard was quite taken with Shlomit, especially when he heard she was not yet married. But the two couples who won the vote for the best pictures depicting true love were of course Shai and Dani at the wedding in this unposed picture, and Aviva and Chani, also taken candidly at the wedding. When they first looked at the picture of all my five daughters
they asked who all the cute teenagers were. I told them to look more closely, and when I told them the ages of the girls, they were quite astounded. And upon seeing these pictures of Shai, said he is a perfect double for Jesus Christ!

I never said this outloud but have thought this for years!
I didn’t feel in any way strange hanging out with these 3 young people, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves completely. (They confirmed this later on telling me that they couldn’t have had a nicer time if they had planned something themselves and that it was the perfect way to spend new years eve, They had originally planned to go down to some party and I kept asking when they had to leave, but they said this was much nicer and the special energies in the room made it perfect in every way.)
They finished off two bottles of wine and were on the way to get the third one when we realized it was almost midnight. So carlos ran out to get the bottle before midnight, but for some reason, he didn’t come back. Richard and I and Eli and I hugged and wished each other a very special year (we are all at the beginning of new phases in our lives), and just then we were invited down to a party around a bonfire where carlos was already sitting with his third bottle of wine.
I really didn’t want to go down but remembering this is my year for spontaneity, I went down with them. All the guys who work in swiss cottage were there as well as nandu, the owner, and they were all quite drunk by then. There were a couple of flutes and tabla and some dancing. We came down, were given chairs around the fire, and I happily said happy new year to everyone and thought to stay for awhile. But it was really cold for me, and I was quite tired by then, as well as not feeling comfortable as the only woman there, aside from Eli, who is young and cute. So after a few minutes I thanked everyone for a wonderful surprise evening, the best New Years eve party I’ve been to, I think for the first time, in my life, and came up to my room all smiles and contentment.
This lovely evening just happening is a clear message to me that if I am open and accepting, the entire year will unfold in the same wonderful way. This WILL be a very special year for me and I know that only wonderful things await me.

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