January 3, 2010 – Free At Last! – And the Big Freeze

January 3, 2010

January 3, 2010 – Free At Last! – And the Big Freeze

Finished my last day of panchakarma today, and although it would seem to be a reason for celebrating, I find myself kind of at loose ends. It will be very strange not getting up tomorrow morning and getting ready to go down to my massage and whatever, and of course to spending a couple of hours of the day at the clinic. It also seemed almost anti-climatic. I’ve been dreaming of my first meal after panchakarma, my first cup of chai, etc., and now thaqt the time has arrived, it was no “big deal”. It is more knowing I have the freedom to choose to eat whatever I want which is the liberated feeling I now have, and THAT is the big deal. (See later in the post to find out what brought me a true feeling of celebrating this freedom!)
Yesterday was a perfect example of how much fun it is to be there. You’ve probably heard of laughing yoga, well, yesterday was “laughing massage” and it was probably the most FUN massage I’ve ever had in my life. Don’t remember much of the massage itself, but I was laughing so hard, that if I was not already laying down, I would have had to sit down to keep from falling over with laughter. The two girls, Devi and Laxshmi, were giving me a massage together as they sometimes do, and were giggling and laughing, as they VERY often do. I cannot in any way write here what was going on as much of it was done in pantomime, but the teasing that was Read the rest of this entry »

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