January 7, 2010 – Back to the Simple Pleasures

January 7, 2010 – Back to the Simple Pleasures

Finally back to the simple pleasures which make my life in Rishikesh so rich. Beautiful sunny morning to accompany my morning practice and despite the cool air, the sun warms me through to my bones.
And I now sit at my favorite Ganga restaurant (by the way, the picture above was not taken today as I did not have my camera with me, but had it from last year…and the weirdest thing is that it was taken EXACTLY one year ago, on January 7th, 2009 at 10:30 in the morning…which is exactly the day and time I sit writing this!). Ihavebn’t been here in more than 6 weeks and I am now having my favorite breakfast of paneer parantha and masala chai (both of which are really well done here), and not only seeing the Ganga stretched out below as you can see in the above picture, but hearing its voice, as this is the only place that is situated right along the curve of the rapids, and the sound is pure, magical music for body and soul.
So many blessings in s omany small things!
After sitting there for quite some time, I made my way down to the shop which is preparing my second parcel for me, after my friend brought all the stuff down yesterday afternoon. Finished that up and then the weather being so absolutely beautiful, knew I had to just do some walking. By that time it had really warmed up and I had to remove several layers of clothing, and for a good part of the day, was still too warm. So I headed across the bridge, and then instead of heading right as I usually do, turned left and quickly found myself walking along a tree lined road, with several cars and bikes going past, but basically on my own. Even found trees I had seen my first visit to Rishikesh and which gave me loving messages then (here is a link to that post if you’d like to read it):

I’ve looked for them before and did not find them, but today they found me again! I kept walking and was rewarded with a small sand path leading off the main road at a place where I could here the Ganga rapids singing below. Followed the path down not really knowing where it lead and was rewarded with a beautiful stretch of solitary beach with my choice of places to sit, either in the shade or sun. I first chose shade to cool off from the walk, and perched on a huge boulder, sitting on the bag which had my extra clothing in it, and was a very comfortable pillow! Did my mantra chanting and some meditation, but after awhile began to feel the need for sun again, so moved down right along the shore and found another perfect boulder to sit on, with the sun pouring down on my back and perfectly warming me. I sat for at least 1 ½ hours like that, taking a quick dip with my feet and wetting my face and head, but not daring enough for more. It was just a perfect setting and a perfect way to enjoy the perfect day.
I headed back up to return home, had a light lunch of soup and sandwich on the way up, and came home to enjoy another full 1 ½ hours of sunshine on my rooftop. I am still outside, and even though the sun has already gone down, it is still warm enough to sit up here without winter coat and shawls.
There is a film crew here from Delhi filming for some bollywood movie up on the higher terrace at the guesthouse, and this of course is interesting to watch as well.
Later on, my friend will come up and we will watch a movie together, which is always pleasant. I enjoy watching alone, but enjoy even more when I can share with a friend.
And that is my day.
Tomorrow I am supposed to have my cooking class, so should have some interesting things to write about as well.

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