January 8, 2010 – Samosas and Sunsets

January 8, 2010 – Samosas and Sunsets

It is once again Friday evening and almost time to light Shabbat candles.  I sit out on my rooftop with the last remains of the week slipping away into the colors of sunset.  It is still comfortable enough outdoors to sit comfortably with a shawl and it is already 6 in the evening.  The days are getting noticeably longer and the warmth of the daytime remains longer than it did even a week ago. I haven’t had to light my heater at all for the past two days and I had been using it for hours each morning and evening for the past few weeks.  I am enjoying music, the colors of nature,

and recalling my lovely day which included, finally, my cooking class.

The class was pleasant, and of course the Ganga view inspiring It was just like sitting in a friend’s kitchen (actually, I WAS sitting in a friend’s kitchen), and watching the techniques she uses to make different dishes.  And of course at the end, I got to eat
the things we made, and this was a little too heavy for me, as I felt myself needing to sleep almost immediately after eating (very small portions of ) my malai kofta (deep fried potato balls filled with raisins, nuts and paneer, delicately seasoned and then cooked in creamy sauce), shahi paneer (paneer/homemade cheese gently cooked in mildly spicey cream sauce), rajma (kidney beans beautifully seasoned) and finally, stuffed samosa! (deep fried crispy dough filled with potato ++++ filling). You can see the results in the picture and even the short video of the samosa making. Anyone interested in recipes, just ask.


As I said, this is heavy food and not something I’d cook for myself (except the rajma which I LOVE), but might just make it for company.
The day continued with a visit from my friend on my terrace and a nice chat, as well as my friend Pat who just came back from vipassana. Did my afternoon yoga and now am just putting together the video to post here.
Although I ate my lunch from the cooking class over 5 hours ago, I am still feeling stuffed and will probably just have a light snack or some fruit for supper later on.
And that’s another day, and another week, gone by beautifully


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