January 11, 2010 – Shopping and Going Out to Eat with a Friend

January 11, 2010 – Shopping and Going Out to Eat with a Friend

Woke up this morning knowing I was going to meet Pat for lunch at the lovely Italian restaurant, and wondered what to do with the rest of the morning before meeting her. And a little voice came and said to me “today is shopping day for YOU!”. Well, that sounded nice…until now I’ve done lots of shopping, more than I should have actually, for my family..and sooooooo enjoyed it. But I’ve been wanting to get some special things for myself as well, and kept putting it off because I HATE shopping…especially trying on clothes…but it is the only way to buy them. So I dressed in less clothing than I normally would for the weather, so as not to have so much to take off, and headed off to my favorite shop here – one that sells seconds which are stitched in India for shops all over Europe…many still have their original price tags in them so you really know what wonderful bargains you are getting. I spent over 1 hour trying on things, and came out with two dresses and 5 tops, for less than I would have paid for maybe one piece of clothing back home. I was really pleased with the day, and then headed off to meet my friend. We planned to meet at one place since she did not know where the restaurant was. I was a little early, and she a little late, but waiting is never a problem in India. People watching is one of my favorite pastimes here. And I was standing so long in this one spot (about 20 minutes), that people began watching me as well. And finally groups, finally arriving back in Rishikesh in time for Kumbh Mela (it’s been very quiet here the past 3 weeks), got up the courage to ask to have their pictures taken with me. I was photographed at least 6-7 times and it was really funny, with all of us laughing and joking. Pat finally turned up and off we went for a beautiful lunch. The food once again was perfect…I tasted Pat’s choices as well, especially an amazing cream of pumpkin soup. And I could not resist dessert and ordered panna cotta which was recommended by other friends. But when it arrived, Pat said she would not share with me and there was no way I could eat it alone. I took one spoonful and could not stop “moaning” with pleasure. I saw 4 women at the next table watching me with big smiles on their faces, and I finally just asked them if they’d like ½ as I definitely would not eat it all, and happily gave them half of it. Together with cappuccino, it was the end to a perfect meal.

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