January 13, 2010 – A Lovely Rainy Morning

January 13, 2010 – A Lovely Rainy Morning

I woke up this morning to the patter of rain, the first real rain since I arrived here 3 months ago…and definitely better late than never. I’m sure this rain will finally clear the air and the sun will return to glorious blue skies once again. When I first woke there was no electricity and that put a damper on my spirits, so I just dressed up really warm and began my “morning stuff” snug as a bug in a rug without getting out of bed. By the time I finished, the electricity was back on, the water was working, and I knew that at least for now I would be nice and warm and comfy. Having both electricity AND hot water, may seem like nothing special to YOU, but believe me, it is not something I ever take for granted here and am most grateful. It means I can not only use my heater, but also fill up my hot water bottle! These are all big comforts here, especially on a day like today.
So, what do I do with my day? First of all, I am most grateful for the past three days in which I did many of the things I needed to do before Kumbh Mela begins tomorrow. I simply decided that this would be a day to just hang around and relax and do things at home for a change. (I had already decided to relax today, but before waking to the sound of the rain, was already thinking of where I would GO today!!).
First question was, what to eat? Don’t have much in my room but actually have the fixings for three meals. Porridge for breakfast, kitcheri for lunch and pasta for dinner. Now, if my gas cylinder has enough gas left for these three meals, it will be a perfect day! Electricity, water AND cooking gas, all when needed! (My gas cylinder is pretty much empty and don’t plan to fill it for just the next few weeks, so am just using it until it is completely empty.)\
Put on lots of warm layers, made a bowl of porridge, and then decided that today would also be a MUSIC day. I usually listen to music while doing other things, but on those days when I decide to be with the music mindfully, not doing anyting but listening, it is really lovely. (WOW…it is really pouring cats and dogs now…beautiful!).
I have an enormous selection of music, and for some reason was drawn to my Musicals, and am now contentedly listening to “Camelot”, and remembering all of the lyrics to deeply expressive love songs in this soundtrack. Once I finish this post, I will REALLY listen to it, mindfully, to get everything out of it that it has to offer.
And then see what follows…
I have plenty to read, plenty to write and movies to watch, games to play…it should be a fun day….electricity went off now but already had enough hot water for a hot water bottle which will last for several hours. Perhaps by then the power will come back one! (It did…10 minutes later…guess this will go on all day..fine)
And now back to previous posts which have been waiting a couple of days to be written.

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