January 23, 2010 – Last Couple of Weeks

January 23, 2010 – Last Couple of Weeks
As I only have a couple of weeks left, I was really beginning to feel “cheated” by the cold, foggy, very unusual weather Rishikesh has been experiencing the past month or so. To my great surprise, I arose to a beautiful, clear, crisp, sunny day this morning and have been enjoying this wonderful change since 8:30 when the sun first rose. It is now 4:30 in the afternoon and I’m still outdoors, now on my rooftop, continuing to take in every drop of this wonderful warmth with gratitude and appreciation.
I did more walking today than I have done in along time, finished up some things I had to do, found myself in restaurants I haven’t gotten to in some time, and in general just flowed with the energies of this lovely day. Everywhere I went people were smiling and happy, and although still cooler than normal for this time of year, the sunshine is a true tonic for the soul.
I haven’t done much writing lately as I’ve not felt the need to, and will probably finish some of the things I’ve began when I get home in a couple of weeks. Especially my impressions of the Kumbh Mela so far, which has been disappointing, not just for me, but for the local people as well.
I am attaching here just a couple of pictures of my farewell lunch out with Pat and the Arora’s and the girls. I’ve since had a farewell lunch with Eli, but no picture, and with Katheryn, but again no picture. I’m just too lazy to carry around my camera, but it’s been fun having farewell meals with so many lovely people who have left, or will be leaving soon…and of course I will be one of those going as well in a fairly short time.

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