February 2, 2010 – End of Homecoming Story

February 2, 2010 – End of Homecoming Story
It is now a few days after I arrived home and finally have the energy to try and recapture the rest of the journey and the few days following it until today,
We finally checked in around 9 in the morning and then had to spend another 3 hours in the departure lounge. I can tell you that aside from everything else, I spent a ridiculous amount of money on food and drink during all those hours in the airport. A cup of cappuccino cost 130 rupees!! Somehow I managed the time in the airport until boarding around 12 noon…I was extremely grateful for the computer and being able to play games as I had finished the book I had brought along. The flight itself was easy enough, and I even dozed a little, but not really a true sleep. At least we were given lunch as I was really hungry by then. We arrived in Amman where, having missed our connecting flight, were promised a hotel until the next flight which wasn’t until 9 PM Jordanian Time (we arrived at 4 PM Jordanian time), but when we got to the transit desk we were told that no hotel if the wait is less than 6 hours. By then we all were really zonked, and I finally insisted that I at least get a voucher for food. Which I did, but was told not to mention this to “the others”. I of course DID tell all the kids later on that they should also go back and get a food voucher as we had another 5 full hours to wait, and no food until we got home late at night. After much insistence, several of them also managed to get food vouchers. (The food served was actually quite good and did a lot to get me through those last hours.). I found a row of chairs connected but with no armrests in the middle and without giving a thought to what people thought of me, laid myself down along the chairs. Put my IPod into my ears, and although I didn’t sleep, at least I could rest for awhile. Then around 7 went and had my meal and eventually we boarded and headed home. I arrived at the airport just before 10 PM and was out very quickly where my son, daughter-in-law and youngest daughter were waiting for me. Home, full of adrenalin and talking and eventually got into my own bed after a really needed hot shower and slept straight through until 9 in the morning on Friday.
I had planned to go see my Mother but really could not move much further than the sofa, and was expecting one of my daughter’s and her family in the evening – they were coming and bringing dinner with them luckily – and mostly slept on and off for the rest of the day.
Shabbat, Saturday, I finally took a taxi to visit my mother who did NOT know I was coming, and in short, it was a perfect way of coming home to her. She was surprised, but happy and the whole meeting was a lot stressful for her than when she is usually doing a countdown for 2 weeks before I come home and under great pressure until I finally arrive – crying for hours afterwards. This time she cried for about 1 minute, and then we spent a lovely couple of hours together catching up. Another daughter picked me up after that and came to my house where she spent the rest of the day with all of her kids, and in the evening another daughter came with HER family. All of these people of course had to be fed during the day and evening, but all in all it was so beautiful to be back with all of them again. And of course everyone was extremely pleased with the gifts I had brought back.
Sunday morning the last daughter who I had not yet seen came to visit for a few hours, we went for brunch and also caught up (she is pregnant for the first time and so there was lots to talk about and it was funny seeing her with her little tummy beginning to show). Yesterday I finally got around to shopping and cooking (which was nice in my own kitchen) and today a very good friend came to visit as well.
Tomorrow another friend is coming, Thursday is haircut day and a full week is over just like that!
It’s been a different homecoming than ever before, I am still recuperating from the long 2 day journey, but am content and at peace.
What the rest of the journey holds in store I have no idea, but I have already bought a ticket to fly to Portugal for two weeks beginning of April for a 10 day silent retreat.
I imagine this will be my last post here for now, unless I manage to get up a few more pictures which I haven’t managed as yet…and I still have to update the books I’ve read this trip…but for now I will say Namaste to all until the next journey sometime next year probably.

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