January 13, 2010 -Early Return Home Story

January 13, 2010 -Early Return Home Story

You will not read this post in real time since I do not want my Mother to know of this change in my plans, so cannot publish it right now, but I have been through and interesting experience of truly listening to my heart , accepting with joy and freedom from fear all things, and experiencing true Faith in Divine wisdom and messages. (The next four posts will be in chronological order giving you a quick look at the final two weeks of my stay and my first week at home. )
Several days ago I received and intense understanding that I must return home to Israel at eh earliest possibly date. This has never happened to me before in India, especially considering the fact that I had less than one month actually be here anyway. It was an intense KNOWING that for some reason I must return home.
It has nothing to do with the feeling which people who spend long periods of time in India sometimes experience. That India is just “too much” sometimes and we need to get away for awhile. All kinds of little things which can really bum a person out after a lengthy stay. I was completely content here and at peace with everything so was certainly not looking for any reason to get away from HERE. And even if this WAS the reason, waiting a couple of days would simple find the feeling vanishing. But as the days went by the feeling that I must get home became even more imperative.
The entire feeling began to tickle me someplace inside on Wednesday evening, but kind of ignored it to begin with, assuming I was just missing my family, which sometimes happens. By Thursday, I felt like crying so intense was my need to get home, and even spoke to one of my daughters who of course said that THEY would be all very happy to see me earlier than expected, but I would hate myself after 3 days of being home for having left India too soon.
However, by Thursday evening I could no longer deny that some Higher Power was shouting at me by this time that I must GO HOME. To confirm this, I even picked a couple of tarot cards, with the first telling me to take a Leap of Faith and follow the true desires of my heart. The second instructed me to do what I knew I needed to do but first make sure that I properly research the entire matter before making the final decision.
So, Friday morning I headed off to find a travel agent who would do this for me, after also writing a letter to my own travel agent in Israel asking for her advice as well – but I knew it was already the weekend in Israel and I would not hear from her until Sunday. (That became Monday as she took the day off on Sunday).
I will make this as short as possible, and only say that I was asked to leave my ticket with the agent and he would check it for me and I should come back the next day.
When I came back, he said there was ticket available for 4 days later but with a 12 hour stop over in Amman….I told him I would think about it and let him know the next day, which was really stupid at the time, since the airline was closed on Sunday and by not reserving that seat, I stood a good chance of loosing it by Monday. But I was still following my heart and not second guessing my KNOWING. It was a truly stressful couple of days, with my literally being awake the whole night on Saturday night. By Sunday I was practicing every way I know to stay tranquil and cling to faith and joy to move me along. Monday finally came and I went back to the agent after telling him on Sunday that if he spoke to them before I arrived, to reserve that ticket for me anyway.
When I arrived on Monday, after some difficulties with the airline, and being notified that there were NO tickets available before my scheduled flight, he called the MANAGER of the airline in Delhi, whom he apparently knows personally, asking him to find every seat available for the next 3 weeks and to please call him back. And to MY great surprise, 5 minutes later, he called back and said there IS a seat available in a couple of weeks. I immediately reserved it, paid the extra fee for changing the ticket, and happily left, knowing that today, I would receive the new ticket in hand. A few hours later, the agent called me to tell me that there was even an earlier ticket available and do I want it and of course I said yes! So I will be home for my birthday, and although it is longer than 4 days, it gives me time to finish up the things I need to do here without hassle and stress, still have time for goodbye lunches and dinners with friends, some final walking around, and it is a GOOD connection in Amman with only the usual 2 hour wait.
It is the perfect way to do what I need to do and know this was all divinely guided and mastered for the best possible outcome.
True blessings as always.
I now happily sit in my room knowing that I have a pleasant 8 day vacation ahead of me! And I plan to use it to best advantage.

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