January 25, 2010 – End of My Vacation

It is now just about the end of my vacation…today is the 25th of January, and I am just about ready to leave. My clothing is packed and ready to be stored with my friend seema, and my kitchen stuff is packed and ready to be stored at New Bhandari Swiss Cottage. And the rest of my things are almost packed and ready for me to leave on Wednesday morning, the 27th of Janaury.
I want to finish everything this evening so that tomorrow, my last day here, I will have completely free. Today I went to say my goodbyes from many people, drank WAY too much chai, but also enjoyed the weather which turned beautiful as of yesterday, literally overnight – from winter to spring. So I have 3 days of glorious, almost too warm weather and it makes everything just that much easier.
I have been having farewell breakfasts, lunches and dinners and tomorrow I have my last farewell from Manju, dr. arora’s wife, where I will be going for breakfast. If I have the energy, I will go for a facial, but have a feeling I will be too tired and would prefer to just go down and sit along the Ganga for awhile before finishing up last minute things prior to going to sleep for my last night here this year.
It has all been wonderful, and easy….I have made arrangements to stay at a hotel right across from the airport and leave here during the day, rather than going straight to the airport at night as I usually do. This, due to the terrible fog which delhi has been experiencing and to avoid the stress of perhaps not getting to the airport on time. It will also make the trip home easier, as instead of traveling all night and waiting in the airport for my flight at 6 AM, I will be able to sleep for some hours, after a good dinner, and go straight across to the airport in time for my flight…I think it will work out well for me.
And I will post this when I get home on Thursday afternoon as I will have already seen my Mother, surprised her and gotten home to my own house by then.
So, unless I have something exciting to report from the actual journey home, this will be the last post for this trip…I should begin writing here again in just one year, 2011, when I plan to be back.
It is now Tuesday evening, getting ready for my last nite’s sleep here for the next year or so, and looking back over a lovely last day. Went for breakfast to Manju, dr. arora’s wife where I was served paneer stuffed paranthas with fresh homemade butter and extremely good masala chai. MAnju also gave me a lovely going away present of a large mug, made from stainless steel but also a thermos….for keeping one cup of chai warm for 3-4 hours!! And then, it being Republic Day (Independence day), we watched the parade from Delhi on TV. It was really beautiful, with floats from each different state, ethnic singing and dancing, motorcycle stunts, and fly overs….lots of local and foreign dignitaries, all freezing in the delhi fog (which hopefully will not delay my flight in a couple of days), but very exciting to watch.
Back home, lunch, final visit with seema, last minute cleaning and packing, and more friends coming to say hello and bring small gifts as well…It was another beautiful day and I happily get ready to go to sleep now to be up early and on my way to delhi tomorrow morning.

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