January 28, 2010 – 5:30 AM – The Continuing Saga

January 28, 2010 – 5:30 AM – The Continuing Saga
I should just about be boarding my plane for home at this time. What I am actually doing is sitting with 6 other sweet Israelis in the Airport Visitors lounge, waiting for the restaurant to open so I can get something to eat! I left my hotel at 3 AM after checking that the flight was not delayed on the internet. When I arrived at the airport, I quickly discovered that the flight was delayed by at least 6 (!) hours until 12:35 in the afternoon. This, only when a ground crew member finally came to the check-in counter which never opened as it should, explaining to us that they called everyone on the phone they could reach (which would explain why there were only 16 people at the check-in counter), and she would arrange for us to sit in the visitor’s lounge until 8 in the morning when the check-in would begin for the 12:35 flight. At that time they would also notify us about what our connection in Amman would be, and it seems as though I was meant to spend time in the airport hotel anyway, even though I didn’t take the flight last week BECAUSE of the bad connection…what is meant to be, apparently WILL be, and as I sit here now, I still have no idea what time I will finally be arriving home!
And I now sit eating a slice of pizza (actually not bad) at 5:30 in the morning!! This is going to be an interesting adventure until it finally ends at home.

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